Melodie may be chocolatey, but Elodie is a classic coral creme. Okay, sad joke, but you get my drift ! With Zoya nailpolishes i feel like singing the Mambo No. 5 song- A little bit of Valerie in my life, a little bit of Elodie by my side…

Meet- Elodie . She is a coral with a bit of a spunky orange kick! A very tricky one to photograph, because she isn’t completely orange, isnt completely pink and isn’t completely coral either. If you had a neon version of coral, then Elodie would probably fit that description to the T. Elodie is much more pinker than how it looks in the picture, but the camera didnt pick up on it too well.

Zoya nailpolishes are super quality- they dont chip, and they go on super smoothly. My favourites are the glitter polishes like Valerie which are so unique that its difficult to find anything in the market close to them. Usually you get opaqueness in one coat, but with Elodie it took about 3-4 to get the tips of the nails to not peek through.

Overall Verdict: 4/5 or A-

Will I Repurchase: I would rather spend the money on the glitter polishes Zoya has.

Price: Rs 405/-

Recommendation: Elodie is a gorgeous  bright coral . In the bottle it looks neon, but it goes on just shy of it. Zoya nailpolishes never dissapoint in the quality department, and this didn’t either but the tips of my nails still peeked through even after 3 coats.

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