Have you met my friend Valerie ladies? She is edgy and stylish and a whole lot of sparkle and fun! Excuse the application, but i was so freaking excited looking at Zoya Valerie in the bottle that i couldnt wait to see it on my nails. It has to be ..by far ..the most gorgeous nail polish i have tried on till date. A deep red based purple with a whole lot of magenta and gold reflects. In indoor light, it looks like  a glimmering magenta in the middle and deep dark purple around the edges. It dances and sparkles as the light hits my hands and it is definitely one of those ‘Air Piano’ kind of nailpolishes!

Deep Purples always run the risk of looking black when on the nails, but Valerie doesn’t. It retains its gorgeous purple-ness, and look sophisticated , but fun at the same time!

It actually took me just one coat to opaqueness, but i put two to really let the glitter get layered on. It has a great consistency- not thick and gel like but not runny either and it glides on like a dream . I usually get guilt pangs about spending too much on nail polish, but as expensive as this is..its literally worth every penny! Total LOVE!

Where to buy Zoya: Zoya is available at blab.co.in , free shipping, cash on delivery

Overall Verdict: 5/5 or A+

Will I Repurchase: Absolutely!

Price: Rs 405/-

Recommendation: It’s a stunning deep purple with gold and magenta shimmer- very duochrom-ey and  it changes color as the light catches it. If you are a glitter nail polish fan, then zoya makes some of the best kind . It also shows just how far behind indian brands are in the nail polish race. Nothing in India can even come close to the kind of duochromes and glitters that these brands make.

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