Its the start of the wedding season …and while my calender this season is relatively free (most friends are not even close to being married, and most cousins are married with kids), im sure all of you have a ton of festivities coming up! Here are six  Mac Eyeshadows that i think look great with all the Indian fanfare.

  •  Mac Bronzed Eyeshadow is a luxuriously rich deep dark brown with shimmer. Gorgeous color to wear with a lot of gold (which we know we see a lot of in Indian clothes!) but also really pretty paired with purple or green. It is one of the most richest and pigmented eyeshadows MAC has made and a definite must have!
  • Mac Amber Lights is a bright yellowy gold. Its a lot more golden than how yellow its looking in the swatch and goes great with most wedding fanfare
  • Mac Expensive Pink is the most gorgeous peachy gold eyeshadow , and one of my go-to eyeshadows for pretty much any pink/ peach/ gold/ neutral indian outfit. It really isnt like the swatch and i know its looking baby pink in it, but its just a tiny little hint of pink with a lot f peach and gold! It just never seems to photograph the way i want it to!
  •  Mac Cranberry eyeshadow is a plummy reddish shade with a frost finish and a tiny hint of silver reflects in it. It goes so well with indian colors, and while wearing this all over your lid might be too dramatic, but a little trick is to add a little bit of it on top of browns in the outer corner. It just instantly gives dimension (much like coppering does) and turns an ordinary two toned eye into a professional looking one.
  • Mac Antiqued eyeshadow is a rustish – brown color which is really great as an all over lid color, or even an outer half color. I find that it sometimes photographs slightly orange on some people- but i totally love this on me. Its very versatile.
  • Mac Mythology eyeshadow is a peachy copper  eyeshadow which is really glittery. I cant say i totally love this shadow, because i find it doesn’t match up to the pigmentation levels of the other ones, but i really really like the color and its a shame this isnt available in any finish apart from lustre (which by the way, is my least favourite eyeshadow finish).

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