Im a bit of a research junkie, and while you may call my browsing through countless online makeup  sites/  blogs/ magazines being ‘beauty obsessed’, i call it – “Research”. Research for what purpose exactly, im not sure yet..but whether its beauty marketing campaigns or new products, sometimes i come across such inventive and useful ideas that i really wonder why no brand in India is dreaming of these items to make our life simpler.

  • Paula Dorf Makeup Eraser:
  • Smudged your eyeliner? Or Maybe you are a klutz like me and ended up with mascara on your upper eye lid? The Paula Dorf Makeup Erasor is designed to just sweep across all those little makeup mistakes to make sure your application as easy as it can get! I for one, would definitely buy this if it were available- i have major makeup mishap moments!

  •  Shadow Shields: What is worse than even darkest of dark circles? Eyeshadow fallout that gets accumulated on those circles and refuses to be wiped away. I usually use a powder beneath my eye whenever im applying eye makeup, just so it catches all the fallout and i can then sweep it away. But these little pads gently stick under the eye and catch all the fallout. Once you are done with your eyeshadow, just remove and throw em away!

  • The Deva Fuser:
  • IF you are someone like me with wavy/ curly hair then you would know that hair diffusors work much better than the straight concentrated heat of blow dryers. But the Deva Fuser is one step ahead! It i a hand shaped tool that you attach onto your diffusor- so it actually feels like a hand going through your hair and seperating your curls gently along with the diffusors heat blowing through t. Reviews suggest that this brings down frizz to nearly zero, and results in almost salon looking naturally wavy hair which believe me.. is a life changing thing for curly headed girls. No joke!

  • Derm Store Hydro Test: Skin feeling thirsty? Now you can check just how badly you need or dont need moisturizer with a quick skin moisture check. 
  • Eye Lid Tape:  Okay, so im not sure how well this works, but if it claims to work as well as it does then its a game changer for girls with mono lids (Those that dont have a defined crease to their eye lids). Apparently, this little tape can lift your upper lid so that a natural ‘crease’  is created. Thsi is obviously pretty popular in the far east where mono-lids are extremely common!
  • A Nail Dryer:
  • Ha ! Who needs a quick drying nailpolish when you  have a cute little nail dryer. Okay so the cuteness of the product might have outweighed its utility aspect here (since you can just use your blow dryer…or well..wait.) but still its a pretty neat item to have around.

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