When people ask me about my dream job, i can think of more than a couple. One would be  to be a ‘nail polish shade namer’- i mean how fun is it to think of whacky names to suit different colors? Another one in general is to be part of some sort of an invention team- and since i know zilch about atoms and neutrons, im thinking being part of a makeup product invention team might be fun! Here are 5 Beauty Products i would invent:

  • All in one Multi colored eye pencil: Remember those pens with 5- 6 different colored nibs. You click a button, and the nib of that color comes up ..so you get to write with pink or green or black , or even two at a time sometimes! Imagine the same thing in eyeliner form- purple , blue, green, brown, black all in one pencil. Just click the one you want to use!

    • Patterned Crackle Nailpolishes: Shatter nail polishes may have taken the beauty world by storm for a bit, but imagine if they could shatter into actual patterns like snowflakes, or hearts, or flowers. It would be like nail art+ nailpolish rolled into one!

    • Peel off Nailpolish:Apparently these already exist (None in India though!)

    • Makeup with built in lighting: A lip gloss with lights attached inside the cap, a compact with inbuilt lighting-Perfect for quick touch ups of lipgloss in a dark car. Hello!

    • A False Lash Infused Mascara: Imagine a mascara with little fibrous hair that stick on to its wand. One stroke, and you dont just get regular mascara, but those fibrous lashes stick on to your regular lashes and give that false lash effect. Perfect for  people like me who can NEVER apply false lashes perfectly!

    • A ‘Make your own foundation color’ system: There are about a billion different skintones in the the world  and even MAC with all its array or NW’s and NC’s can fail to match a significant number of them (specially Indian!). Foundations should be customisable- add a little dark, add a little light, add a little yellow, test it out and create your own perfect shade !! Maybe there can even be a tester, which would go ‘beep’ once the mixed color matches your skin shade so you know when you have a good match!

    • A color changing blush- Imagine a blush that can change color based on the heat generated by your cheeks. So its a pretty natural flush  once you put it on, but once the boy you are crushing on says something ultra flirty, your cheeks heat up and the blush goes slightly pinker and deeper. It would be so natural, no one would even know you are wearing any!

      • A Skin Tone Adapting Concealer+ Under Eye Cream +Depuffer + Illuminator rolled into one: Think the coverage of an Inglot Under Eye Concealer, the hydration of Estee Lauders Under Eye Cream, the De Puffing properties of Clinique All About Eyes Serum and the Illuminating quality of YSL Touche Eclat. Plus one that adapts to your skitone.I might go broke stocking on that!

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