“I keep my paint brush with me 
Wherever I may go,

In case I need to cover up

So the real me doesn’t show”

Written by: Guest Writer Sophia

I find the message from the poem quite unsettling, for makeup should enhance your persona without masking your visage, but I’m all in favour of the tools that help in bringing perfection to your look. High end brushes do last a long time and some like MAC/MUFE/Estee Lauder are worth splurging on. However , for beginners and students its better if you start with cheaper options like eco tools/vega/coastal scents etc. Today I would like to share with you a site I chanced upon when I was in search of a stippling brush.You can check them out here www.abbamart.com

Abbamart promises to offer  professional-grade cosmetic tools at affordable prices and they ship international too at rates that wouldn’t burn a hole into your pocket. The site stocks individual brushes starting at $2 and they also have brush sets. Furthermore you can find a variety of items starting with fake eyelashes to bath and body products to even cosmetics. My experience with Abbamart is limited to brushes alone and as affordable as they are I find that the quality is not compromised. I’ve had a few of these brushes for around 3 months now and they’ve gone through a couple of washes so I’l do a quick review on how they perform.

Large foundation brush- Made with synthetic hair and is good for applying cream/liquid foundation evenly on the skin. This is a good dupe for the MAC 190 but bristles are much denser and it performs just as well. The bristles are soft , I’ve noticed no shedding and the brush retains its shape after washing.
Duo fibre stippling brush large-A combination of goat hair and silky toray and is best for stippling liquid foundation for light/medium coverage. Also works well  with powder foundation and aids in achieving  light natural coverage. Similar to MAC 187, the bristles are very soft and I’ve seen it shed just a single hair during the first wash
Duo fibre stippling brush medium-Comparitively less dense than the large brush.I use this for cream/powder blush although it can also be used for cream/powder foundations as well. A dupe for MAC 188,this is very easy to work with, blends product well and there is no shedding at all.
Narrow precision concealer brush- Made of synthetic bristles, these are good for concentrated application of product over scars,blemishes etc. I could’nt find a MAC brush that resembles this one.
Bubinga small fan finishing brush-The brush handle is made of Bubinga wood hence the name.The bristles are made of silky toray and they serve best for applying highlighter. Once again I have’nt seen a MAC brush that resembles this one.
Fluffy blending brush-Made of natural goat hair this one is perfect for blending out the crease and over the lid. Cleaning is easy peasy and  bristles are soft but not as much as the synthetic fibres. This would be a good dupe for MAC 224.
White goat eyeshadow brush-Another of the natural goat hair brushes this one is for base application on the lids. This is a basic brush and the only dud among the ones I’ve purchased from Abbamart. The bristles are kind of pokey  and there’s mild shedding  but they tend to become softer after a wash or two. It’s an ok brush and one I wouldn’t be purchasing again.
Of the brushes mentioned above, all except the bubinga fan brush(Sophie cosmetics) are manufactured by Beau make. So if you are in search of good quality brushes that do not cost a fortune head right to Abbamart-trust me you won’t be disappointed. Another word of advice- its best to try the synthetic and toray brushes first coz they are very soft and vegan options.  They have only First class international shipping and I received my order within 2 weeks when I shopped directly from the store. I forgot to mention that I found the store through ebay where the items are sold at slightly higher prices and shipping is even slower.
Rating for the store- 4/5.

Would I revisit the store-Definitely, especially for flat foundation brushes (I found it infuriating having to clean my MAC 190 daily and now I can use a clean brush every single day:-))

About the Guest Writer
Sophia is an old timer at peaches & Blush now- and whether she is introducing us to cool new makeup brushes, or Inglot eyeshadows, its always a fun read. Can i just say i enjoy saying the word ‘Bubinga’….like the Mirinda advert : ‘Bubinga -Aha!’

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