Written by Guest Writer Swastika
So what is this DUO Body Butter you must be wondering…it is a a body butter with twin pots ! It contains two  moisturizers- one for the normal skin areas and another for the dry skin areas.  I have always bought my body butters from BS and was hunting for winter moisturizers when i spotted these ingenious beauties . I have always had problems with my knees, elbows, toes while moisturizing. I would lather on extra moisturizers on these areas trying to keep them looking soft (read non flaky) through the day and have failed on many occasions. 

So this dual pot of heavenly smelling Floral Acai Body Butter Duo comes as a much needed respite :) 

The pot is separated in the middle; one side has the normal skin areas body butter – this is light, creamy and easily absorbed. The other side has the dry skin areas body butter – souffle like texture, heavy and thick but even this does not need too much rubbing in to be soaked into the skin. Add to that the Floral Acai smell : sweet and warm, and I cant stop myself from touching and smelling my own arms(It reminds me of Saif and Kareena’s shampoo ad where she cant stop touching her hair lol).

1. Lovely smell
2. Two types of consistencies in the same tub
3. Keeps my skin soft and supple through the day

1. Expensive 

2. I think I will finish the For normal skin areas butter more quickly than for dry skin areas one and would be stuck about the repurchase.

Overall Verdict :4.5/5 or A

Price – INR 880/-

Recommendation: A very handy product combining two moisturizers that can be used on dry and normal areas. It absorbs quickly and smells divine- just what the doctor ordered for winter!

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This is Swastika’s third post on Peaches & Blush, and this girl seems to be a Body Shop fan! You didnt see the background pics of her cupboard stocked with TBS products!! Swastika is a marketing professional from Kolkata who loves fashion and beauty

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