Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation

Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation Review

Shhh. Dont tell anyone but the new Body Shop Foundation doesn’t have too much experience in bed . I caught  him  trying to look all sexy and cool but we all know he is  a virgin- in fact he is ‘Extra Virgin!’ . Shocker ! I would have thought any one would die to be with him- hes got a shapely body and a nice nozzley mouth .but  the Body Shop Extra Virgin Mineral  Foundation seems to be blissfully single  even as he sits next to Loreal Matte Morphose on my dressing table (We all know what a temptress she can be).

 All my little foundations sitting next to each other just remind me of one thing: Iv become a foundation whore addict! Iv lost count of how many i have sampled in the past 3 months and i havent yet found the perfect one . So in came a handsome candidate number 4 : The Body Shop Extra Virgin Mineral Liquid Foundation!

So the deal with this foundation is – its kind of great!  For girls with skin like mine- normal/dry who like a dewy effect to their foundation – Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals does its job and whacks out the competition. It gives light to medium coverag and it feels incredibly light on the skin. Perhaps the best part is that its a perfect match for my skintone and even if i put a magnifying glass upfront on my skin, i cant tell im wearing foundation. Giving decent coverage + still looking effortlessly natural is not an easy feat but this Body ShopFoundation achieves it with total  superstar finesse!
The liquid is blendable and easy to work with, and you can use your hands to blend just as easily as a brush.. Another thing is that its really potent- a tiny dab goes a LONG way so i wont be running out of this for a long long time .(Though i am sure i will get distracted and buy a different foundation- im fickle you see!). It is also a long lasting foundation and it will get you through blood, sweat and tears (though you shouldnt be going through any of that with foundation on)  and you will only notice very slight wearing off.

The only thing that is stopping me for giving this a perfect 5 is that it contains Sunscreen (Titanium Dioxide) with an SPF (The ingredients dont mention it but the SA told me its a SPF 30). Because of both of these factors, in flash photography, this does reflect a slight bit of light ? Now, its not half as bad as some others (Loreal Matte Morphose is VERY reflective), its still a pretty good photographic foundation, but it could be better.

You only need a tiny bit of the Body SHop Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation!

Spread on hand- Notice the moisture?
Please ignore dark circles, and focus on the skin !
Overall Verdict: 4.5/5 or A

Price: Rs 1290/-

Variants: Also available in Powder and Cream Compact form

Recommendation: LOVE this stuff! For girls with skin like mine- normal/dry who like a dewy effect to their foundation – Body Shop does its job and whacks out the competition!. It gives light to medium coverage  ,it feels incredibly light and looks totally natural on the skin as well as lasts a very long time !!!  Wish it photographed  just slightly better in flash (its good, but not great), but otherwise its hard to find faults with this one. 

PS: Hurray for Body Shop extending their shade range!!! Iv always liked TBS Foundations but struggled to find a match! I finally found a great match with 202: Golden Vanilla

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