Body Shop Ginger Anti Dandruff Shampoo Review
Written by: Guest Writer Sangeeta G
White, flaky, itchy, icky – that’s dandruff in a nutshell. I picked up this shampoo for my brother-in-law who was suffering from a dandruff outbreak. He tried a few shampoos, though they provided temporary relief the dandruff resurfaced once he stopped using the product. The Body Shop Ginger Anti Dandruff Shampoo was one product whose results fared better than the others and kept dandruff away for long.
According to The Body Shop site their Ginger Anti Dandruff Shampoo isA very effective flake-clearing, scalp-soothing shampoo, with refreshing ginger root extract, specially formulated to deliver conditioning care for dry and/or flaky scalps. Suitable for everyday use.”
“Key Ingredients: Ginger root, birch bark, white willow and oak moss – are known for their astringent and stimulating properties that help to effectively promote a healthy scalp. Community Fair Trade organic honey – moisturises and helps condition the hair, aiding combing and adding shine. Panthenol – is a moisturising ingredient that softens and soothes the skin.”

I’m not one who suffers from dandruff frequently, but I do get it sometimes. My brother-in-law gave rave reviews about this shampoo after using it. He used this regularly for one month and his hair was almost dandruff free.. I wouldn’t go by saying that this is a miracle product, because, I used this in combination with Himalaya Anti Dandruff Hair Cream and homemade herbal hair oil. But it did help in eradicating the dandruff quicker. The best part is the smell; it smells like ginger candy, the only form of ginger I like. If you aren’t a big fan of ginger smell don’t fret because the fragrance doesn’t last long. 
The shampoo removes oil effectively, though at times if you use too much of the shampoo and skip conditioning your hair, it can feel a bit drying. Only a small quantity is required for every wash, and it removes oil from the hair effectively on the first wash itself. It comes with the added bonus of no silicones. Though the product is not listed in the TBS Indian website the shampoo is available in their stores. The Body Shop Ginger Anti Dandruff Shampoo is another product from their range that I love.

What I Like
  •  It helped get rid of dandruff
  • The smell – smells like ginger candy
  • Only a small amount is required and it lathers well
  • No silicones
  • Removes oil effectively
What I don’t really like 
  • Feels a bit drying if used too much
  • A bit expensive compared to other anti dandruff shampoos

Overall Verdict:  4/ 5 or A-
Price:    Rs. 495/- for 250 ml
Recommendation? It is expensive but it works well. If I ever get dandruff again this will be the shampoo I’ll be reaching for.
About the Guest Writer
Sangeeta is a regular at P & B, and she seems to love her Body Shop Products. She hails from the city of Chennai where she works in the advertising field , and definitely likes taking care of those tresses of hers!

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