If they ever make another version of 101 Dalmations, where Cruella has purple hair- i have the perfect name for her-Prunella! Don’t you think it fits perfectly? Its like every time i take out my Colorbar Prunella i glide pencil, a purple version of Cruella comes into my mind! There is nothing cruel about this though, it really is one of the softest eye pencils ever!

Colorbar Prunella I Glide Pencils
Prunella is a gorgeous darkened eggplant purple . Thouh it doesn’t have ¬†shimmer in it, there is a soft sheeny quality to it which keeps it from being a boring matte. (Sorry matte, i just think eyes need some sparkle!) With purple i think its hard to find a color that one can wear to work , but still retain its fun purple quality that you can wear on a fun day out with friends, and Prunella treads right the middle path and does great on both fronts!

Colorbar I Glide Pencil : General Thoughts
Colorbar I-Glides deliver on almost all fronts- they are incredibly soft, really smooth to apply and are very pigmented. They last the whole day and dont fade , plus they dont irritate ultra sensitive eyes like mine.The one issue i have with them is that they are really hard to sharpen-  not only do they sharpen unevenly but they keep breaking off because of how soft they are and it ends up in a lot of product wastage.

Overall Verdict :A

Price: Rs 325/-

Recommendation: Prunella is one of the most wearable, prettiest purples in eye pencil form. Super soft, super pigmented and very long lasting, i just wish they would sharpen easier!

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