Written by:Guest Writer Lapanika
Hello everyone!!! Hope you guys had a great Diwali and soaked yourselves in the festive fervor. Speaking of Diwali , there are crackers, sweets , new clothes , more sweets , more clothes,..you get the drift …ok now, we also pray to our Gods and Goddesses to shower us with wealth and prosperity. Anyway , this Diwali, i literally got my hands on a “Godess” through Elf’s super glossy lip shine ( ok, here on , I will call it lip gloss)  in the shade called as “Goddess”.  

Price : $1 for 0.35 oz/10gms

About E.l.f. Products : Eyes.Lips.Face ( Yeah, that’s the full form ) products are the most affordable range of cosmetics which have tie-ups with local retailers like Kmart, Target etc. I have read about E.l.f. products in magazines and seen most beauty gurus  talk about in their reviews
About E.l.f. Super Glossy Lip Shine : I found this shade in my local Target store . It is a peachy nude color has a metallic sheen to it . So when it catches the light, the micro glitters shine  , similar to our 3 dimensional silk sarees, when we compare it to the color changing aspect. The texture is pretty thick and pigmented. When I wiped the swatch off my hand , it left behind a sticky feeling , despite wiping it multiple times . I was in doubt, whether to apply, such a sticky product to my lips. The smell is super plastic-ky and artificial.

1)      It has SPF 15
2)      Not tested on animals (Thank God !!! I couldn’t imagine this lip gloss , on a rabbit, poor bunny)
3)      It is just for a dollar
4)      Lasts for 2 hours ( without eating and drinking )
1)      The plastic-ky scent shows that this product has petroleum base and parabens in it.
2)      The texture is goopy and sticky and you don’t want something like that on your lips.
3)      Poor packaging. This gloss comes in a tube and you have to press from the bottom of the tube to get some product . Sometimes, you may get adequate and at times you may get more than required.
4)      No color pay off at all
5)      Not easily available in India
6)      May not look great on pigmented lips.
 Verdict : 1/5 or D

Will I buy again Only, if I lose my memory !!!

Recommendation & Opinion : I understand that this product is just for a dollar, and maybe, having too many expectations is not fair. But what I don’t understand is how people, especially beauty gurus, favor the lip shine products . The color is beautiful which attracted me the most , but considering the texture and scent , it is a total put-off. I really wouldn’t have felt bad , if this product was for $4 or $5 ,and Elf , took care of the texture and scent. So much for a, Goddess ??? ..By far, this product, has been lying in my makeup shelf and therefore, I wouldn’t want to recommend this to anyone .

About the Guest Writer

Lapanika is a 27 year old Indian living in Minnesota. A girl who believed primer only meant something to be added to wall paints, she entered the big bad (and tempting ) makeup world of the USA with only a Lakme Kajal, a lipstick , and foundation. While her left brain helped her get a degree in Human Resources, her right brain was delving into the world of makeup !!! By the way, this is also the first ever ELF product to be reviewed on this blog- Thanks Lapanika!!!

Editors Note: This is sounding a LOT like Elle 18 lip smoothie Lapanika. Burnt scent and aweful texture..i have to say i get some sort of a sadistic pleasure in writing a big fat D for some products and your review gave me that pleasure :p – xoxo, Mehak

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