A while back, a  rather cheesy hindi song called “Ey Hiphopper-mujhe pyar to kar” came out on tv. It was the kind of song that had absolutely crazy lyrics, a whole lot of double meanings, a cheesy video, bad singing , but so totally and completely addictive that while giving my math exam, thats all that was going through my head. (I shall put some lyrics at the end of the post). Ever since that song came out, the word hip-hop just triggers those lyrics in my head. But now that there is makeup  called Hip Hop , im hoping its going to change. Im talking about these instant “Hip Hop Makeup Removal Wipes” .

They come with a plastic tweezer- to help lift each wipe. Thats what i call attention to detail!
Hiphop Claims (Haha! That just sounds wrong!)
Makeup removal wipes enriched with Vitamin E ensure effective makeup removal along with leaving your skin moisturized.

My View
First of, can i just say i am impressed with the whole tweezer thing being put in. Attention to detail people- it helps you pick out each wipe without grunting and groaning and sticking your tongue out while trying to fit your finger in to lift it! Secondly, as far as makeup removal goes- they do a REALLY good job. Those harmless little tiny white strips- they move like a superhero against stubborn makeup and everything comes off rather easily. Whats nicer- it really does leave my face moisturized and not dry. *High Five*

There is just one teeeeny tiny little problem you see…these wipes.. They Blind you! Yes they do…i unknowingly slathered one across my eye makeup and OUCH! I literally thought i would have to bid my eye goodbye. (Okay kidding…it wasn’t that severe, but that rhymed so i just had to say it!). The other not so good thing about them- is that they are kind of tiny…so for a rather large face like mine, when i have a lot of makeup on..one does not cut it! Its like when your stomach needs a family sized pizza and you just get a personal pizza instead.Sniff.

The Makeup Removal Test
Left to Right: Longstay Lipstick (Mac Mocha) , Bourjois 3d effet max lipgloss, Maybelline waterproof mascara

And….one swipe

And…two swipes

And 3 swipes…and we are done !

Overall Verdict :3/5 or B-

Price: Rs 90 for a pack of 30 wipes from www.urbantouch.com
Will I Repurchase : Nope

Recommendation: These wipes had everything going for them-  super effective makeup removal, without leaving the face tight or dry- convenient and affordable. But these sting the eyes SO bad , it makes me want to smack Mr.Hiphop on the head with a monkey (or something ) …how can you not test makeup removal wipes, for being eye sensitive? 

Some Lyrics from  “Ey Hiphopper” (for those who understand Hindi)
“Ey Hiphopper, mujhe pyar to kar, Ey Hiphopper” *Work it girl*
“Ey Hiphopper mujhe pyar to kar, Ey Hiphopper” *Move it girl*
“Maire pyar ki nadiya me,ek dupki le na sirrrr…”
“Mere dil ke tave me rotiya tu sek le aa kar”

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