While i am loving the winged eyeliner on Kangana Ranaut, as well as that white eyeliner on the inner corner, and those oodles of lashes all of which add to that old Hollywood glamour look that she always goes for,   i do think the lipstick is washing her out just a tiny bit! Her face just looks ..kind of well ..flat. Given that this is a gorgeous girl, we know she can better than this. Plus …must she pout this way ALL the time? Smile Kangana, it suits you!
But this picture also shows us what happens  when you apply foundation only on your face and then wear a one shoulder gown. The paparazzi hit you with their flash bulbs and you end up looking like you are slightly  two toned! 

And umm..nope not a fan of that yellow sequinny number with that crocodile leather blue bag either!

What do you think of Kangana’s look? Love, Like, Loathe? Im going to have to go with just barely like.

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