Written by: Guest Writer CSP Ballal
Lakme claims about Lakme High Definition Eyeliner:       Water resistant eyeliner that stays on for hours. 
– Includes an international quality felt-tip brush for easy application.
– Leak proof premium packaging makes it perfect for traveling 

My take on Lakme High Definition Eyeliner:
Lakme High Definition Eyeliner  is a felt tip liner which comes in a small plastic bottle with an elongated cap.. Ladies who are used to brush applicators will definitely have tough time with this felt tip applicator because it  is much thicker than  usual. 

Because of the thickness of the applicator, and the structure as well as length of the handle-applying the liner is a bit of a shaky experience and the result is not a fine or controllable line!(I have always used brush applicator eyeliner -experimenting with my the felt tip applicator eyeliner, LAKME High Definition Eyeliner, was a flop show.)

After consoling myself on the wasted purchase, I decided to use this eyeliner in other creative ways such as using a bindi on my forehead. Then I got bored of it and dumped it in my cupboard. Now, after about six months I opened this product, to find the eyeliner has dried and the applicator tip has become frayed like a sketch pen! Hmm..maybe i should draw with this on my wall.

Rating 2/5 or C

Price: Rs.125 (3$)  for 5 ml  
Recommendation: This liner was a bit of a dissapointment- though it was intensely black, the felt tip liner was way too thick and the structure did not make for controlled application. It also dried up really quickly, and wasn’t very user friendly

About the Guest writer
Ms.Ballal is a software engineer residing near Mangalore who wants to share her experiences with all the makeup she uses with you guys. This is her first article here and there are many more to come! Welcome to P & B – Miss CSP Ballal. Your name reminds me of some character in CID or something somehow- so mysterious!

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