I have never quite understood the big deal about Lychee’s. They are kind of like strawberry imposters in my opinion- they look and feel like strawberries on the outside but you open them up and ..well… they are not. I do however have a tendency to like makeup with the word Lychee in it- Lychee Luxe from MAC is one of my favourite lipglosses so when i got to try the Lotus Herbals Seduction Lipgloss in Lychee Squash i was quite excited.

Lotus Herbals Lychee- Squash the color
I had to rack my beauty blogger brains (yes we do have brains) hard to describe this color because its very difficult to describe what it looks like in person. Essentially its like an apricot-pink with A LOT of gold  and silver shimmer. Sometimes the gold shimmer in it makes the entire lipgloss look gold  nude-ish, but yes essentially its like a peachy apricot with a little bit of brown in their somewhere. Its a color with a lot og shimmer, im talking TONS of shimmer- so if frosted sparkly lipglosses freak you out, then run now, because the shimmer in this is four times what i showed in the snaps below.

General Thoughts on Lotus Herbals Seduction Lipgloss
I found this lipgloss to be very moisturizing, smooth to apply, and had an average wear time of about 3 hours which is what i get from most glosses. It has all the makings of a good gloss- good pigmentation and nice texture (kind of in between sticky and non sticky) , but one of my pet peeves is left over glitter particles on my lips. This leaves a TON of those behind and i really do not like that. I also think that because it is so loaded with shimmer, it becomes slightly difficult to use- its definitely not a day lipgloss, and even a night i like wearing it only on the centre of my lips

In person there is actually four times the shimmer you see in the photograph!

Overall Verdict: 3/5 or B

Will I Repurchase: A non frosted shade, ill pass on this one.

Price: Rs 225/-

Recommendation: A peachy apricot color with tons and tons of glitter in it. Moisturizing and smooth to apply, and great in the texture/ pigmentation department… but the left over glitter stuck to my lips is a really annoying feature and it is SO shimmery (Im talking shiny disco ball- the photograph really does not show just how shimmery it is ), that one really needs to use it sparingly and cannot use it as a day gloss. If you are a total shimmer fan however then this is your dream come true.

Disclaimer: Product sent by PR for review

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