Me and the kitchen don’t quite get along. Thats why ‘mixes’ are my best friend- Betty Crocker Cake Mix, Cookie Mix, Dosa Mix, Everything Mix! As long as all i need to do is add water/ milk/ commonly found liquid..i can ace a dish ;) (Though i have been known to have burnt microwave popcorn once) I kind of like to think about Mac Dollymix blush as that perfect one minute ‘mix’ recipe to cuteness!

Mac Sheertone Shimmer

Sheertones from MAC , like the name suggests are slightly on the softer, sheerer side and can be built up for higher pigmentation. I actually really like this quality about them, it makes it easier for novices to apply blush without looking like a clown, and makes for controlled application. Sheertone Shimmers are absolutely gorgeous and one of my favourite MAC Blush finishes because of those subtle reflects in them which make for a very dewy cheek! One issue with them, atleast for me is that they fade  quicker than other Mac Blushes fade!

Mac Dollymix Blush 

So Dollymix is a blush that i would never be attracted to usually, because in the pan its really really a bright pink. But  once on skin its a soft, poppy  pink that suits a variety of skintones. Its that perfect pink blush that brown girls can carry with ease! Dollymix makes me want to go out on a romantic walk with the boy, with those pretty as a rose flushed cheeks and an effortless air about them. If you are on a lookout for a nice pink blush from MAC then Dollymix wont dissapoint!

 Overall Verdict: 4/5 or A-
Price: Rs 1100/-

Will I Repurchase: Yup

Recommendation: Dollymix has grown to be one of my favourite MAC Blushes, and surprisingly one of the few pink blushes i own and love (you know me..peach peach). Dont be fooled by the brightness in the pan, its a lovely , soft rosy glow that this gives- its definitely one of the nicest pinks for indian skintones !

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