Written by :Guest Writer Gunmeen
Mac Krazy kahuna is a lip gloss ( or lip glass as Mac liked to call it)  from Macs Collection Surf Baby which hit stores in India as always fashionably late , a couple of weeks back.. Mac describes this as “warm mid tone brown” , but i feel it is  a beautiful muted brownish reddish colour which will suit all indian skin tones.I have a feeling it would really flatter fair skinned people. Its not at all an “aunty brown” if you understand what I mean.

The packaging is lovely, with a summery yellow cap and a tranparent bottle with MAC written across the bottle. Like mac lipsticks this lip glass has a nice vanilla fragrance which is not overbearing at all. I kind of like it. The applicator is doe shaped like all the other glosses for easy application. 

The gloss is super opaque and can be used on its own without a lipstick. I personally like to use it over my bourjois lip liner sienna or just on its own. It is sticky and the staying power is around 3 to 4 hours depending on meals. What i really like is it doesnt vanish from your lips. It leaves a stain behind like a tint. i have been using this mostly with soft smokey eyes.

 Rating: 4.5/5 or A
Price : around 1000

Overall view: a beautiful brown shade perfect for indian skin tones. It is a unique color which I have not seen in mac before. The lip color does not make you look older inspite of it veering towards the brown side. It will suit everyone.Period!!!

About the Guest writer
Gunmeen is a dental surgeon by profession, but when she is not poking in her patients mouths, she is poking her nose into makeup stores (Me too Gunmeen!). This is her first post here, Welcome to P & B Gunmeen!

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