So lets just hit the pause button on Youtube Kolaveri video for a second (if you dont know what im talking about you have been living under a rock- click here) and focus on something! I just had a chat with Mac Senior Artist for India & Middle East- Vimi Joshi  (via online Chat) and i asked her to share her recommendationss! I know i wanted to know a LOT more but she is very busy and had to limit my questions. So i asked her about lipsticks for Indian Skin since i know thats what a lot of us struggle with.

Mehak: Hi Vimi!
Vimi: Hi Mehak, how are you?
Mehak: Im great , How are youu!! I wanted to know if you had to pick 2-3 lipsticks from MAC for indian skin tones, which ones would u pick?
Vimi: Have you tried Amourous, Verve or Touch lipsticks by MAC, they work perfectly on Indian skin tones
Mehak: Ooh yes i have Amorous !!!
Vimi: Especially prefer a natural look
Mehak: One more tiny question- i always struggle with brighter lip colors..i know Viva Glam Cyndi workd great on me, but if i had to go with a brighter lip what apart from that would you recommend ?
Vimi: You should try Impassioned, Girl About Town and Dubonnet as they are great bright colours for Indian skin tones
Mehak: Thanks Vimi! You were really helpful :)
Vimi: It was great talking to you Mehak! 

So in short: For natural lips she says Best Natural MAC lipsticks for Indian skin are Amorous, Verve and Touch (Amorous is a deep plummy color) and Touch is my moms favourite brown . Verve is a bit too brown for me personally. For brighter colors she suggests Impassioned, GAT and Dubonnet 

If you want to see my picks for lipsticks for indian skin along with swatches and pictures go here:

Lipsticks for Indian Skin: My recommendations


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