Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation Review

by mehak on November 21, 2011

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 Lets give a warm welcome to Miss Peaches & Blush Junior today! No girls, i did not have a baby (you need 9 months for that, and a boy in the same town- neither of which i have ) ..i only requested   forced  threatened my younger cousin sister  to write a post for P & B. You see she has really oily  and sensitive skin that breaks out very quickly – which is totally different than mine! Hence her review on Mac Studio Fix Powder +Foundation ! Btw, a shoutout to a reader who i met in Ambience Mall a couple of days ago- she recognised me from my blog and im SO happy she came up and met me ! I love seeing who all these (insane) people are who actually like reading what i write about! Okay over to you Pri!

Mac Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation is a product that will always be special to me because i created a huge scene in the MAC store to get it . The MUA had forced NC 44 on  to me which was way to dark, and then refused to exchange it. Not one to be outdone, i stood there saying i wasnt going to leave till she did something about it and the senior makeup artist very promptly agreed to change it! Then i became the proud owner of MAC NC 42 Studio Fix Foundation. I feel i have an identity now- Hello, Im Priyam and im an NC 42 !

Mac Studio Fix Powder plus foundation is a multi purpose product which is great for oily skinned girls like me. The powder mattifies the skin and has great coverage, so your skin looks more even and smooth. The finish , even though its matte is not cakey…and you end up with a very natural looking result inspite of the heavy coverage . One of the best things about this, is that it lasts the entire day on me. I mean, i can go  sweat it out in the sun, and come back home after ten hours and it would still be on my face – so if you are looking for base options for a wedding, this is a really good option.

If you are a fan of the dewy finish, you can always use highlighter on top of this for that, but this alone is not a ‘dewy’ finish product. For a person like me, who is always battling with oily skin and who breaks out with every second thing that touches my face (I pity my future husband), this is a life saver. It gives me that extra coverage to hide my acne  and still does not cause further break outs. I dont know whether i would recommend wearing this every single day, because it is heavy on the skin and i like to let my skin breathe…but for special occasions i dont look past my Mac Studio Fix! Its one of thoese foundations tht looks great on camera too!

For those of you who dont want the powder version, Studio Fix also comes in a liquid version as well as a cream version. Those version are probably better suited to those with dry skins like my sister, but for me i find this suits me the most!

Overall Verdict : 4.5/5 or A+

Will I Repurchase: Yes

Price: Rs 1500/-

Recommendation: I swear by my Mac Studio Fix- its perfect for those with oily skin like me who might need slightly heavier coverage t cover up all those breakouts. It lasts the entire day without melting off my face and the coverage it gives is heavy but not cakey. Its also one of the few foundations that photographs as well as it looks in person

*Written by Priyam 

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Pauline January 25, 2012 at 9:10 am

It was good quality product! I really like the blend of this fix powder foundation. I will purchase this. I’ll try if it works on my skin tone. It looks good and your skin get fairer. Thank you for your wonderful review. :)


khushi March 1, 2012 at 11:48 pm

Hi nice review
I would loe to try this as I have also oily skin
Which other foundation is good in mac for oily skin


fiona October 14, 2012 at 7:57 pm

Your review is absolutely true. I absolutely love this compact/foundation. I have this really oily and sensitive skin and breaks out often, but what an amazing product this is.


Tamanna June 15, 2013 at 9:44 pm

I totally love this product but can someone please tell me the best way to apply it? kabuki ? Kabuki with some water sprayed on it?? or a powder brush? or the sponge that comes with it? and can a concealer be used along with this? I mean won’t the concealer move when you apply this with on top?


mehak June 16, 2013 at 11:06 am

Hi Tamanna,Appky it with either the sponge or a large lufy brush. If yr doing a sponge then do concealer later, if brush then later or before doesnt matter


Tamanna June 16, 2013 at 12:24 pm

Thx!! I’ve been using Kabuki so far with some water sprayed on it. Any suggestions reg which fluffy brush will be best suited? I have MAC blush brush. will that do?


Tamanna June 16, 2013 at 12:32 pm

Can a stippling brush be used? I was just looking at review of MAC Mineralize Skinfinish on your blog and the writer has used that product with a stippling brush. Will it work with this product as well? SA at MAC counter at T3 said as much but I was in a tearing hurry so didn’t bother to really try it out.


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