Magic, im not a big fan of . I find magicians kind of….well..creepy somehow. They are talented and all, but come on..i dont want to be in a room alone with a magician. Ill never know what he might do to me (cut me in half, make me dissapear, sprout flowers from my head). But combine makeup and magic like in the Maybelline Color Bloom Lip Balm, and you can get me very excited!

Maybelline Claims that this lip balm will change color on application and give a peachy tint on your lips, whilst keeping it moisturized

My View
So here is the thing- it smells like Wrigleys Juicy Fruit Chewing gum (love that smell!!!) and keeps lips soft and moisturized. Its light and not heavy, so its perfect to wear under lipsticks ! Its no vaseline, but it does a really nice job as a lip balm i think. However, since Maybelline is marketing this as a color changing lip balm- let me just say that dont change no color!! There is no tint , or color in this ! Its possible because i have pigmented lips it does not show up on me, but essentially what i get out of this is a clear , pretty lip balm!
Do you see any color there?
Overall Verdict: 3/5 or B

Price: Rs 99/-

Recommendation: Maybelline Color Bloom is a yummy smelling lip balm which does a pretty neat job and delivers a soft shine to the lips. What it does not deliver is – color change! Its essentially a clear balm and does not change color as Maybelline Claims. Its definitely still a great balm to have, specially at the price… but  Lip Ice is a clear winner in the color changing department IMO! 

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