The five elements of nature – air, sun, forest, earth, and water, come together again at The Nature’s Co.; a one stop shop for luxurious beauty and holistic wellness products. As the brand goes from strength to strength, The Nature’s Co. launches its sixth store in the country and second store in Mumbai, at the Infiniti Mall, Malad. 

As a subsidiary of Amar Remedies Limited, The Nature’s Co. has imbibed the same passion for the creation of natural and eco-friendly products. After the successful launch of its stores in New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, and Kolkata, the company is now launching its second store in the city of Mumbai.
Says Natasha Shah, Founder The Nature’s Co., “Indian consumers are becoming more aware of personal appearance and wellbeing which is seen translated in a growing demand for natural beauty products. Through our exclusive brand outlets we aim at providing our customers with premium luxury products, services and a unique shopping experience. It has been our constant endeavor to be more accessible and closer to our clients which has prompted us to open our second store in Mumbai. I am very excited about our new store opening in Mumbai suburbs, soon after the Pune store, as it makes me feel that the brand has truly come a full circle.”
The Nature’s Co.’s store laid out over a 430 sq foot area, is designed to highlight the five dominating elements of the brand and is influenced from the products themselves. The soft white-washed walls, gentle soothing music, ambient lighting, and inviting aromas remind customers of the goodness of nature. And to further enhance the inviting ambience, the store offers complimentary treatments at the dedicated spa corner.
“Drawing inspiration from the principles and commitment of Amar Remedies, The Nature’s Co. has created a line of products that we believe positively affects our health and beauty simply because it is made with the most natural and wholesome ingredients we could find. We believe in the philosophy that natural products have healing, beautifying, and enriching qualities that cannot be found in synthetic products.” says Natasha
At the Nature’s Co, we believe that nature is a way of life. The philosophy is heavily influenced from the era where there was no alternative to nature. Before man discovered advanced survival techniques, he lived off the 5 purest forms of nature – air, sun, forest, earth and water. These forms have inspired five distinct creations of body and bath product ranges: Atmospure, Starrize, Foressence, Earthborne and Aquaspark designed to soothe your mind, body and soul.
Atmospure: Inspired from the atmosphere, the oxygenating process of the products in this range feel like a breath of fresh air.
Starrize: Inspired from the sun, these products provide nourishment much like the sun. But at the same time, they protect, especially against harmful radiation and its effects. Relaxes your body and re-establishes inner balance at stressful times leaving your body with a beautiful golden glow.
Foressence: captures the very essence of the forest produce, the products carry strong and captivating fragrances and nourishment to replenish the body.
Earthborne: Minerals and mud carry nurturing qualities of the soil. Enriching and reviving, the products of this range are truly born from the earth itself. 
Aquaspark: Inspired from the water, the name brings together the rich aquatic ingredients that hydrate and replenish.
These 5 elements translate spa like treatments into products to compliment ones daily lifestyle. Each range embodies the qualities and wholesome goodness of the element that inspired it. The exotic range is a combination of body lotions, body butters, shampoos and creams, lip balms, bath salts, moisturizers, face wash, wellness products and more.
At the Nature’s Co., a strict adherence to the ‘all natural’ way persists. The PETA certified products use only the finest natural ingredients that are vegan and totally environmental friendly.
Indulge yourself with these natural, luxurious skin, hair and body products. For a wholesome, holistic experience, visit The Nature’s Co. store and discover some of Mother Nature’s finest creations. 
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