Oriflame Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow Review
See, there are two instances when a woman glows from within. One of course is when she is pregnant, and she has that whole pregnant woman flush  thing  with the female hormones having a little party inside. The other time is when she sees flat 50% off on her favourite store and goes on a wild little spree inside and comes out with 2 large shopping bags, a huge grin , and a face that positively sparkles. While i haven’t experienced the joy of the first kind , i have of the second kind and let me tell you those sales are not easy to come by! It is then that we rely on products like the “Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow” which claim to bring back that elusive Glow to our face, and we will do anything for that Glow, im telling you that jingle should be ‘Go Glow-a’ instead of ‘Go Goa’!

The Oriflame Peach me Perfect Skin Glow is essentially a tinted moisturizer with really tiny minuscule shimmer particles that are meant to give that luminous effect to the skin. As the name suggests, it smells of fresh peaches and cream (Slurp!) and the moisturizer itself has a peachy biscuit color.

There are a lot of things that are spot on for Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow. In terms of moisture, it does a bang up job and moisturizes the skin very well, it is emollient and blendable so a tiny dab and you can cover your entire face with it. Its also a product that has a nice finish, i like the soft peachy tint it leaves on my face after i have applied it and the effect is dewy and glowy.  My problem with it is that considering this is a ‘tinted’ moisturizer it provides no coverage at all. Now i dont expect a TM to be a foundation, but given that the Ponds TM evens out the skin pretty nicely, this one is specially low on the coverage department. The shimmer particles don’t bother me, they are  miniscule that you cant really tell unless you go and stick you cheek into the mirror and stare at it for 10 minutes (Yes i did that).However, i don’t understand why they are there either- they don’t really do any illumunising thing, they could have just skipped on the shimmer !

Overall Verdict: 3.5/5 or B+ 

Price: Rs 279/-

Will I Repurchase: Yes

Recommendation: Oriflame Peach me Perfect is a tinted moisturizer with some great qualities-it moisturizes really well and gives that dewy, glowy look to the face. It has tiny shimmer particles which are pretty invisible so they dont bother me. It is definitely lacking in the coverage department though, even for a TM it has very very little coverage. I still prefer my Ponds Tinted Moisturizer to this, but since this is more moisturizing than Ponds is, i can see myself switching to this in winter.

Ponds TM vs Oriflame: I Pick Ponds Hands down!!

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