Rage is a strong word, but i can think of a few instances that get me hopping mad ! One of them is definitely when my camera doesn’t capture the actual color of makeup on camera, as is the color with Orly Rage Nailpolish! Damn you Sony- why you no capture the rose goldness of Orly Rage ? Why you no show how pretty and metallic and pinky-gold it looks? Why you no answering my questions and just lying there staring at me with your big fat lense?

Orly Rage is part of the Foil FX Collection and is a metallic nailpolish that is rose gold in color. Incidentally, rose gold is my favourite metal- i love it on handbags, and on bracelets and watches. So now my nails can match my bag- Whoopie! It has silver shimmer inside, which is what has thrown off the camera and making it look like a silver champagne, but in person its much more Rose gold.

Rage is a thin color to apply, takes 3 coats to opaqueness, but is nice and smooth and really lasts a long time. Iv had rage on my nails (with a top coat) for the last 5 days and apart from minimal tip wear, no chip in sight !

Overall Verdict: 4.5/5 or A

Price: Rs 269 for a tinnny bottle

Where to buy this :www.stylecraze.com
Recommendation: Orly Rage is a metallic Rose gold – stunning polish girls! It is a pricey polish, but i do think the metallic finish elevates it above regular polishes.

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