Orly VIP layered over Orly Rage
Glitter up girls, because Orly is giving us every excuse to be totally blinged out this winter ! This is what i call a ‘Paris Hilton’ nailpolish. Dont ask me why, but the baby pink reflective glitter sitting all bejewelled on your nails just screams the hotel heiress’s name. Usually that would put me off, but with Orly VIP  Nail Polish– i say bring on the Paris!

Orly VIP nail polish is a clear gel with suspended baby pink glitter particles.On first swipe, i was a bit dissapointed. From swatches online, VIP almost looked like a hexagonal glitter polish with big fat glitter particles, but in reality the glitter is much smaller and you require three coats to really get your nails blinged out, but once you are there its like *WHAM* Glitter Fest!. Also, you do need to layer this over other polishes, its more of a layering polish than a stand alone opaque glitter. The great thing is that it isnt as thick and gloopy as other glitter polishes can be and it gives a really metallic, jewelled effect- almost like i am wearing pink foil on my nails!

Orly polishes have a great finish to them, but i still prefer the likes of Zoya over them. With Orly, mine does run the risk of chipping a bit, but that differs from shade to shade. Apart from that, they are stellar in all other aspects- smooth to apply, streak free, colors to die for , and the rubber handle on them is specially convenient as it allows for a firm grip.

Orly VIP Nail Polish Swatch layered on top of Orly Rage

Orly VIP Nail Polish

Orly VIP Nailpolish over Orly Rage Nailpolish

Rating : 4.5/5 or A

Price : Rs 269 for a reallllly tiny bottle. Think baby polish okay!

Where to buy this from: www.stylecraze.com give you free shipping, cash on delivery + some free goodies in your box too!

Recommendation: VIP is a clear polish with suspended glitter particles- a layering polish that will give you instant nail bling on top of other polishes. If you are comfortable with shelling out this much for a tiny bottle, i say join the glitter party girls! I am totally loving it !

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