Outfit of the Day:Neutrals

by Mehak Shahani on November 13, 2011

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Photographing makeup products is so much easier than photographing yourself in clothes. Lipsticks dont have wierd expressions when you click them, and  blushes dont have hair which goes out of place all the time! ! Kudos to all you fashion bloggers who crank out these posts day after day, but honestly its not for me. Firstly i cannot get anyone to click me and secondly most of the photos end up being kind of lame (like the ones below) since they are all indoors! 

I am not a neutrals girl AT ALL when it comes to clothing. I am definitely a proud member of the color brigade, but something about browns and creams really appeal to me in winter.  

Outfit Breakdown:
Leather Jacket : www.wholesale-dress.net (15$)
Ruffled Long top: Forever New (Rs 1500/-)
Brown Belt: Came with another outfit
Jeggings: Forever 21 (Rs 990/-)
Bag: FCUK, Gifted
Shoes: Portia (Rs 1000/-) from www.brandmile.com

Im getting a lot of requests about my experience of shopping at wholesale-dress. Well here are a few pointers. I recommend you dont buy things like leather jackets and other premium materials from there because they are pretty poor quality. Regular cotton tops, cotton blazers , jumpsuits are all good. I choose JCEX while shipping as i dont trust China Mail, and i recieve my package usually within 6 days.

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meha May 14, 2012 at 10:34 pm

wholesale-dress is charging a huge amt to ship to india ! there is no point in buying inexpensive stuff from their site….


Harman August 28, 2012 at 7:30 pm

I just love your shoes Mehak! So stylish and nice.. Too bad I saw this post a bit too late and I cant find this design online


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