Written by : Guest Blogger Nidhi
Hello girls, Sorry I was MIA for long time. Some time you get an opportunity to do something good and god gave me that opportunity to help out one of my friend when she needs me most. Now I am back with another eye look.
Let start the steps-
Prime your lid to prevent creasing. I used ELF mineral eye shadow primer.
Apply NYX jambo eye pencil in milk on the eye lid area.Like this-

Apply Sky blue eye shadow at the middle of your lid. Like this-

Apply  bright blue eye shadow at the outer corner of your eye and blend it inwards in to the outer crease to create a outer V like this-
Apply green eye shadow in to the crease area and blend it upwards. Like this-
Apply pearly white eye shadow at the tear duct area, inner corner of lower lash line and at the brow bone area. Blend it nicely with green eye shadow. Apply green eye shadow at lower lash line and line the upper lash line with silver glitter eye liner. Like this-
Apply khol on water line. Curl lashes and apply 2-3 coats of mascara and your done.-


About the Guest Blogger
Nidhi is so freaking great at  makeup tutorials that she is always inspiring me to try some of these out !! I need classes girl, too bad you are all the way in Holland! To see more of her gorgeous makeup looks head on to her blog http://beautyreviewonline.com/

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