Okay so there are some videos that can change your life. For me , this is one of them. Ofcourse you can argue that a fashion video can hardly impact my entire life, but i beg to differ.  I have a lot of wrap sweaters like the DKNY cozy and honestly, maybe iv been living under a rock but  i had NO idea that i could wear it in all these different type of styles.. its crazy!!!  Its like i just discovered my wrap sweater has 10 twins yayieeeeee!!!
What you need:
Something like a DKNY Cozy (Basically an open cardigan of sorts, which is long and hanging in the front and short in the back- preferably a thin material)

Which ones your favourite? Im bangling my cardigan as i speak ! Yay! Im going crazy with my CK cozy!! Twist, Fold, Drape!!! TFD !

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