Remember when Jharna got all of us in a beauty frenzy, by reviewing MAC Lip Erase here which seemed like a magical beauty product from Harry Potters world, specially made for girls with pigmented lips!! Well, in case you missed that post (Shame on you!) , basically Mac Lip Erase is  a product that you can put on your lips, and it takes all the color away from them, so that the true colors of lipsticks and lip glosses shows though. You know how those gorgeous coral lipglosses just end up looking like your pigmented lips, no matter how much you keep slathering em on!! Well Jharna sent us a couple of Before and After Pictures with Mac Lip Erase

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Bare Lips
Before :Mac Coral Reef Lipgloss on Bare Lips- Without Mac Lip Erase. The color looks just like her own lip color!

Lips after putting Mac Lip Erase
Mac Coral Reef Applied After Mac Lip Erase. Now you can see the Coral!!

Thanks for the pictures Jharna!!! I have to say, that is quite a sexy pout!! ;)

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