The Body Shop Aloe Lip Treatment Review
Written by :  Guest Writer Sangeeta

Dry, darkened lips can be a total turn off.  Since we are beauty junkies and  use a lot of lip products which  may look pretty , they don’t always hydrate the lips or are the best for them. The Body Shop’s Aloe Lip Treatment helps reverse this damage and makes the lips look soft and tender.
According to The Body Shop’s site their Aloe Lip Treatment is “This moisturising, non-greasy lip balm that conditions and soothes very dry lips. It is designed for skin that needs more gentle care.
  • Instantly soothes dry lips
  • Leaves lips soft, smooth and well protected
  • Fragrance, colour and alcohol-free
  • No added preservatives
  • Comfort, repair and protect dry lips with a deeply hydrating, soothing balm that helps to minimize signs of sensitivity.”

My view 

My sister picked this for me on her vacation to the US and I am so glad she did.  I’ve had days when my lips feel dry and chapped when no lip balm seems to be able to do its wonder. That’s where this product shows its charm. It moisturizes the lips well and makes it soft. While it makes the lips soft it is greasy, heavy and definitely not a day product. It can’t be used beneath lipsticks either. It is an excellent night lip treatment though. Whenever I use this I feel my lips don’t even need a lip balm the next day and all this is done using a very small amount . 

Since the product is thick it is not  totally easy to  squeeze it out and texture wise It is also a bit sticky. However, the slanted applicator makes it easy to apply the thick texture and though the product claims to be fragrance free it has a sort of fruity smell, though mild it may not be everyone’s favourite.
I haven’t seen these in the TBS stores in Chennai. It may not be available in India since it is not listed in the body shop’s India website either. Hence i guard it with my life and  use it sparingly and only when my lips need that extra hydration, as I’m afraid I may not be able to find this product again in India!

What I Like
  • It makes the lips smooth and soft like no other lip balm can
  • Heels cracked lips
  • Only a small amount is required every time
  • The applicator is easy to use
  • No added preservatives
  • Colour and alcohol-free
What I don’t really like 
  • It feels greasy
  • Can’t be used to layer lip sticks
  • Since the texture is thick, its difficult to squeeze it out.
Overall Verdict:  A-

Price: 9.50$ for 15 ml
Will I Repurchase: Yes, if i find it in India!
Recommendation : Overall i really love  this product, especially for winters.It does an amazing job of keeping lips supple and soft, and works like a charm as a night lip treatment. Might be too heavy to use during the day though, but is a saviour for dry chapped lips.

About the Guest Writer

Sangeeta is from Chennai and  a regular at P & B. Her interest lies mostly in skin and hair care. She is a body shop addict if i ever saw one, and its always a pleasure to hear her thoughts on all the great products she tries.

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