I love how the Bourjois Smokey Eye Trio’s  look like a tray with three cups of coffee- a Cappucino, a Mochachino (for me please!), and an Espresso,  all with a little white stirrer on the side ! Waiter, i would like another one of these- steaming hot with 2 cubes of sugar this time please !! I do feel like the Bourjois Smokey Eyes Trio have a bit of an identity crisis! They are called ‘smokey’ eye trio’s but really the colors in them make for pretty neutral , warm eyes (atleast on my skin tone).

Nude Ingenue contains three complementary shades:
A cool shimmery white (The one i call Cappucino) : It looks like a cream in the pan, but when swatched its shimmery white highlighter shade
A Coppery champagney shade (The one i call Mochachino) : All over lid, pretty color with sheen but not shimmer
A Matte Chocolate Brown (The one i call Espresso) : A dark crease color, or all over lid color if you are going for a smokey eye!

My view
Keeping the coffee obsession aside, i found all three shades to be extremely pigmented , to show up easily on my eyes and to be gorgeous colors to work with. I have found that with a brush you need a bit of digging for it to pick up color though. From my experience these work best with sponge tip applicators – which is the case with most ‘baked’ eyeshadows since they harden over time.

One of the best things about them is they last a really long time (Amaron Battery types- last long, very long) , which is always a good thing.  This little coffee tray also loves to travel and has seen the world (or basically Hyderabad and Delhi- since thats where i travel) with me !! I often find myself stashing this inside my travel makeup bag since i can wear it with pretty much everything ! The colors chosen work really well together and go with a variety of skin tones from the pale Kareena’s to the dusky and  Chitrangada’s.Texture wise, they may not be as buttery soft as Mac Shadows, and they do have some minor fallout but they are very blendable and easy to work with. You dont need  to spend forty five minutes blending your crease out and still have someone saying ‘Whats that line on your eye’!.. they blend swiftly into each other without much effort! What is the most impressive thing however is that they wear very long , specially for a drugstore brand it’s pretty genius to get about 6 hours of wear without primer !

I shall do an EOTD soon, ill promise ! Iv had those pending for eons and eons, but iv been really caught up! I have a little break from work coming up in about ten days time- the blogging beast in me will come out  then!

Overall Verdict :4/5 or A-
Pigmentation: 4/5 Texture: 3/5 Lasting Power: 4.5/5 (Other Factors) : 4/5 

Price: Rs 625/- per trio

Recommendation: I think its a great little pallette of warm neutrals – pigmented , blendable and one that lasts a while ! May not have the soft buttery textures of Mac and Inglot, but for what its worth i think it does a pretty good job!
                                                                                                                                             -xoxo, Mehak

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