Hello fellow Bridezilla’s (or if you are nicer than me, then just Brides-to-be). With D Day being about 6 months away, and the functions taking place in a city which is alien to me (Hyderabad) , the ‘zilla’ in me is slowly coming out. So every month i will document how far along i went with the preparations, and apart from helping some of you out, it might also keep me sane!

6 Months To Go..Ding. Ding. Ding

*Start Your Lehenga Hunting  and Buy Your Trousseau Sarees!!!! 
There are a million brides, and only so many Lehengas. Its a race !

No seriously, a bridal lehenga takes anywhere from 2 months to 5 months to be made, and with 6 months to go you NEED to get a start on this. Some tips:

  • Have a clear budget in mind and even how much above/ below that you are willing to go. When you go to the shop, make sure you specify this. 
  • Most non designer lehengas start at 35K( though honestly, i didnt like any of them at 35K- 50K) and go upto 4 L. Most designer lehengas start at 2.5L and go upto 10L.  I found some really nice non designer  options at 80K-1 .5L. Do let me know if you want me to do a post on bridal Lehengas  in Delhi ! Ihave done a PHD in that department!!
  • Do your research online. Check photos of runway, bridal weeks and what your taste   is like. You can look at pictures here .Ask them…Do you have ‘Sabyasachi ‘ Style Lehegas or ‘Manish Malhotra’ Style Lehengas
  • Dont rule out any option. Visit the designer malls even if theyr beyond your budget (they give you ideas), and also visit the narrow bylanes of Chandni Chowk. YYou dont want to buy something and feel- Damn, i paid too much or i compromised
  • Start purchasing your trousseau sarees, suits etc. Again let me know if you want me to do a post on that.
Where i am at?
  • So far, i have pretty much visited every store, and bylane in Delhi and zeroed in on 2 potential options
  • One is a multicolored full flare lehenga (Sabyasachi style) , one is an orange and Pink and Gold simple Lehenga (Anamika Khanna Style). Both cost less than 1.1 L. Ill buy it later sometime once im satisfied i have searched enough
  • Trousseau- Already bought 2 sarees!

*Start taking care of your skin and figuring out what works for you
  • Nothing major, and you don’t need to go and enroll in Pre Bridal Services yet, but start taking extra care of your skin. Experiment with face washes and creams to know which suits you best and start using those regularly. You dont want shocks near your wedding day.
  • Go for face cleanups once a month, so atleast your whiteheads / blackheads are not building up all the time.

Where i am at?
With Winter approaching, i have switched up my routine and im taking extra care in removing makeup and figuring out which remover is the best (You will need a LOT of remover near your wedding day). Also in terms of facewahses and moisturizers im trying to get a routine down that i shall write about the coming week!

*Makeup Trials
  • Now honestly, you can wait till later to get this done, but since my wedding is in a different city, i need to make sure i get trials done early because i cant keep visiting Hyderabad every month
  • Take recommendations from friends and look at their wedding photos. 
  • What to look for in good bridal makeup: More than eye makeup, look at the foundation and base. Has it made you glow instantly?  Ultimately thats what matters. Your skin needs to look flawless and absolutely stunning. If that part of yr makeup is  okay, you can get away with a bright lippie and even kohl.
  • Ask your MUA which makeup she uses. It needs to be either MAC or Kryolan. Mine said MAC but she didnt use ANYTHING mac on me except one eyeshadow (Mac Humid -Listen Miss Makeup Lady, you didnt fool me !!! Those were NOT Mac Blushes!)
  • Schedule Trials and click photos of yourself.
  • Usually MUA’s charge about 8K-12K for wedding day makeup. But very popular ones can charge even 20-50K
Where i am at?
I have only got one makeup trial done, because all other MUA’s are busy till Feburary!!!! So next set of trials happen then. More the reason why you need to start trials early- you never know who is busy when!  My makeup trial- FAIL!!!


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