Okay , so i know all you non brides would be yawning and clucking your toungues about the fact that my Blog is turning into a Bride Zilla itself, but i really need to get this post out of the way!  This is the time when tons of people come to delhi and then head to the malls to buy their Bridal Trousseau- which is a total blashphemy!! Someone really needs to tell them where to get the best Sarees and Suits for your Trousseau from! So i promise, i wont bore you too much with too many future bridal posts (i have only about 2 more planned), and it will be back to regular makeup madness as usual!

Charming Store 

There are tons more places in Delhi than the ones mentioned below. If you are an NRI, and would like to purchase somethng from Delhi, get something custom made from India, or simply need some help in shopping if you are coming down to  Delhi then check out my personalied bridal shopping service here: http://peachesandblush.com/the-p-b-personal-bridal-shopping-service-in-delhi . Alternatively, contact me at peachesandblush(at) gmail(dot) com to know more! We have a list of 300 vendors to help you out !

  • Charming: I have atleast 5 of my 8 trousseau sarees from a shop called Charming. It is located in 2 malls- one in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon and one in DLF Place Saket. Remember the blush  pink and silver saree i wore here – that was from Charming and i got in Sale for a very very good deal of just 7000 Rs/-. The best thing about charming is the variety and work they have is amazing. Lehenga sarees, swarovski sarees, net sarees (I wear only net by the way), traditional gotta patti work, cut work borders. Its all there. The heavy sarees will on an average set you back about 12-15 grand and can go up to about 40K  if you want a VERY heavy saree. Do visit during their sale- they have amazing discounts on!

  • Greenways, South Ex: Greenways is a tiny little shop in South Extension. I cant really explain where it is except that you will have to go behind the market and climb a narrow staircase. I go to greenways twice a year when i see their sale advert in the papers. Remember my green and pink saree with the inbuilt jewelled belt- that was Greenways for about 13000/- . I also got two other sarees from there , and the saree my mom is wearing on my wedding (gorgeoussss cream , gold, and red net) is also from there! Range is similar to frontier- heavy sarees around 15000, very heavy ones around 30K  but obviously lighter ones will be cheaper.

Meena Bazaar Saree
  • Meena Bazaar : Meena Bazaar is a really old shop in Delhi and you will find it pretty much everywhere- in every single mall. The collections they stock vary from shop to shop, and sometimes they stock the most amazing outfits, while other times its a bit of a downer. Its still definitely very much worth a dekko- iv picked up lots of really unique pieces from here.

  • Exhibitions: Once again, you MUST go to Bridal Asia and Vivaha exhibitions (and Jalsa too if you have the time). Tons and tons of small time designers flock there and you will definitely find something good here. Even if not , you will come back with tons of visiting cards and you can always fix appointments with them later.

  • Frontier Raas, South Ex : Frontier in South Ex is simply a must visit shop if you are a bride . Period. The entire ground floor is dedicated to sarees, and they have some stunning pieces. Once again, go during sale time they have heavy discounts. Also if you are buying 2-3 things, definitely bargain with them they will relent. Prices are similar to Charming and Greenways. They also have a seperate section for salwar kameez’es which is pretty nice too, but its not extra special.

  • L’affair- GK: Definitely an expensive shop, but a timeless one. The pieces at L’affair generally draw inspiration from traditional indian textiles- a lot of ikat weaves and all that old time glamour. This is a nice place to go not just for older women int he family, but if you want a timeless classic in your wardrobe which is one of a kind- which you wont find anywhere else. They have the ability to make traditional sarees still look very modern which is great. It is on the expensive side- most sarees will set you back 20K atleast, but still worth a dekko!

  • Hauz Khaz Village: HK Village is a little hub of lesser known designers with very iteresting designs all together in a quaint little shopping area. They are not cheap, but they arent exorbitant like high end designers either. You can get anything you want customised over here and get your hands on some very different pieces

  • Anantam: Two shops in MGF Metropolitan Mall, Gurgaon that i never get bored of. Not cheap, but just gorgeous fabrics, some very pretty anarkalis and some interesting sarees. Definitely a must visit if you are in Gurgaon!

A Pallavi Jaikishan Lehenga Saree- MUST VISIT designer for Bridal
  • Designers at Emporio, Crescent , AZA and Gallery One: Three places you need to visit if you are brand conscious- EMporio , Crescent at the Qutab and Gallery One.Amongst the three, they house all the designers you can think of. Crescent has slightly lighter stuff than Emporio has which is very heavily bridal and Gallery One is a good mix of the two. AZA is a multi label boutique in all these malls with some gorgeous pieces

  • Perfection House, South Ex: One of the old timers in Delhi, Perfection House is where  all my moms trousseau was from. Its slightly more reasonable than the others around, but you will have to hunt through all their designs to find a really unique piece. You will find one,  i have some very pretty sarees from here  but be patient. You might have to go through a lot of rubbish to find that.
Salwar Kameez from CTC
  • Others( Chandni Chowk, Karol Bagh): Chandni Chowk is a staple, you must always go and see the things there though i would recommend it more for your lehenga than your sarees.Ermmm, what else- Karol Bagh is another area with a TON of bridal saree shops. Its kind of far from where i stay so i dont end up going there often – but i know a lot of Delhi goes to KB to shop!

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