Colorbar I Glide Eye Pencil Review
If eye pencils were to star  in a movie, then every time Colorbar I -Glide in Coal Mine entered a scene, there would be “Don”  or “007” music playing in the background. Coal Mine  is total ‘Don’ material- suave, slick, with more than enough diamonds and sparkle to please any girl . One smooth line, and you will fall for him hook , line and sinker.   I can almost hear it in the background (Ta-ta-tatada-dadada-daaadaaaa).

Coal Mine- The color
Coal mine is a deep charcoal grey with lots of silver shimmer . The charcoal petty much looks black to the regular eye and the entire effect of silver on black is quite stunning. Its a pencil i turn to when i need quick glamour- just a thick liner on the upper eye , and you are ready to head out at night ! Its also a great liner to use in smokey eyes, as it gives that extra oomph factor to a  regular black smokey eye! The shimmer is also well embedded into the color, so you dont get shimmery bits falling on your eye lid- its just one single swipe like the starry midnight sky!

General Thoughts on Colorbar I Glide’s

Colorbar I-Glides deliver on almost all fronts- they are incredibly soft, really smooth to apply and are very pigmented. One swipe and you are sorted !They last the whole day and dont fade , plus they dont irritate ultra sensitive eyes like mine- i have used them on the waterline too and they causes a slight redness but my eyes get red with everythng except clinique.The one issue i have with them is that they are really hard to sharpen- not only do they sharpen unevenly but they keep breaking off and it ends up in a lot of product wastage. Now, there is a special sharpener which Colorbar claims is specifically for the I-glides, but the sharpener costs some 200 bucks, and in general i think good eye pencils should sharpen with ease with any sharpener.

Colorbar I-Glide Eye Pencil Swatch
Overall Verdict : A+
Pigmentation:5/5 , Texture: 4.5/5 , Longevity :5/5 , Other (Packaging, Value):4/5
Price: Rs 325/-
Recommendation: Colorbar I glide in Coal Mine is a gorgeous deep charcoal with lots of silver shimmer-to add instant glamour to any look! Super soft, pigmented and long lasting , their only downside is that they sharpen well only with a specific sharpener, which is a bit annoying.
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