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Diana of London Pure Addiction Lipstick Review

Who new men could lead to makeup? Well Sort of…My boyfriend’s sister introduced me to the brand Diana of London,  and I didn’t know much about it  so when I googled it I got to know a ton of interesting facts.  In 2003 Cosmetics major Maxcare International has launched its Diana of London range in India. The brand, which was launched in 1992, has a turnover of more than $6.5 billion in Gulf countries alone. Maxcare has five major cosmetics brands which include Diana of London, England; Grosly Paris, France; Maxcare Paris, France; and Miss Claire, Germany.

This what the company claims about the Diana of London Pure addiction Lipstick

  • Ultra soft texture, provides feeling of lightness & absolute comfort.
  • Luminous & excellent color payoff.
  • Velvety finish with vitamin E & anti-ageing properties 

There are 20 shades to choose from. To check all the shades click here

Diana of London Pink Harmony Lipstick Shade: This is the first ever magenta colored lipstick I have tried & I must say it is definitely a gorgeous shade. It’s a light magenta colored lipstick with plum undertones. It doesn’t have any shimmer & has satin-velvety finish. I think this shade would suit most Indian skin tones. I just dab it to get a nice tint, when I’m using it during the day time & during night I swipe it 2-3 times to get a nice color. The picture of the swatch shows some shimmer here but there isn’t any shimmer at all.

About Diana of London Lipsticks: They indeed have a velvety finish & soft texture, glides well & makes my lips look moisturized & hydrated. This doesn’t dry out my lips or settles into fine lines.
Pigmentation & color pay off: This shade of pure addiction lipstick is extremely pigmented & has remarkable color pay off. It lasts at least 4-5 hours with just a few snacks; however it leaves a nice tint behind if you have a full meal. But this lipstick sometimes bleeds; this can be tackled by lining the lips with a pencil & filling the lips with the same lip pencil.
Fragrance: It has a slight vanilla fragrance which fades away after some time.


Overall Verdict 4.5/5 or A

Price: Rs 445/- 

Recommendation:  For me, this is  a must have color specially  if you party a lot & love bright & long wear lipcolors which don’t dry out your lips, I’m sure it will look great on all skin tones &  the perfect addition for a bride to be’s stash (Are you listening girls?)

About the Guest Writer

Rubee claims to be a  make up novice,  but i dont believe that because her first brush with make up was when she was just 7 and  used her mom’s Lakme lipstick  in a fiery red ! She says there hasnt been any turning back since! (Girl, the first time i put lipstick i was 22 ! So you have way more lipstick experience than i do!) 
                           -xoxo, Mehak 

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