Written by: Guest Writer Sophia
Whoever said “first impressions are the best” was certainly not referring to perfumes and indeed not of this classic from the Dior stables and one of their all time best sellers-Dior J’adore.I bet most of you have seen Charlize Theron (Ah why does she have to look sooooo good!!) breezing past old Hollywood beauties in the latest commercial of J’adore,the parfum which was first released by the popular fashion house in 2000.
J’adore which translates to “I adore” is classified as a fruity-floral and is contained in a classy glass version of the Greek amphora. According to Christian Dior parfums “J’adore takes flight with a fresh accord of bergamot, opening into a vibrant armful of roses with a delicate jasmine drydown”. A bit about the chemistry of a perfume:
Top notes-Helps form an initial impression of the perfume and evaporates very quickly.Also known as head notes they are pretty strong/sharp and very violatile.
Middle/Heart notes-More mellow than the top notes, they appear just before the head notes dissipate and most often masks any unpleasantness left behind by the top notes.
Base notes- The middle and base notes impart profundity and substance to a perfume. Base notes are usually unveiled after 30 mins to an hour of application and they evaporate gradually so can sometimes be sensed even after 24 hours. 

This EDP version of J’adore was in fact a gift from my “better half” and frankly put it did not make much of an impression at first. For me this is an acquired smell and I reach for it ever so often (as you can see from the quantity left in the bottle :-)).On me the perfume unfolds as a pure floral-I could not smell the bergamot at all but ylang-ylang(top note) was there only for a split second and that too when I splashed a bit on my wrist. If you could get personality in a bottle it would be this-atleast for me it is- albeit a tad pricey and definitely not easy for everyone to pull off. Perfumes smell different on every one and that  is one reason why you need to check out a scent at the counter and give it ample time to react with your chemistry before shelling out a fortune on something that smelled incredible on your friend or even ones that have rave reviews online.

Given that J’adore completely gels with my chemistry, I find the scent has an uplifting feminine quality and even liberal splashes of this elixir does not result in overkill. The  rose (Damask Rose-heart note) lingers on me for a while and the jasmine drydown (Sambac jasmine-Base note) is divine (this is perhaps the only Jasmine scent that I like apart from the aroma of flowers that my Grandma grows at home).The sillage is excellent and it keeps me fresh even if I’m lazy to get into the shower  after a hard day’s work. 
Overall Verdict: 5/5 or A+
Price: Rs 7000/- approx for 100 ml
Recommendation:J’adore is a sophisticated scent which would work well on women of any age, well perhaps not teenagers (I find this too elegant) and is perfect for any occasion and any time of the day. Dont judge it within the first few seconds of applying it, let it gel with your chemistry and watch  smell the Magic  of dior unfold!

About the Guest Writer
Sophia hails from Gods own country, Kerala but is right now working in a bank in Mumbai. Her addiction with makeup started after her wedding, and it looks like she has a rather generous hubby! Sophia, that was one of the nicest reviews of perfume iv ever read- you totally bought the fragrance alive for me!

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