Divo Makeup Brushes Review

As i was booking tickets for my Bachelorette trip, and saw yet another debit in my savings account towards wedding expenses, it struck me how a thousand rupee Mac Blush has taken on a whole new meaning for me ! When you have outfits, youngster parties, makeup artists and food to think about  , those pretty little pans of color (expensive color mind you) don’t look that pretty no more! So since I’m scrimping on makeup, i need to find new , cheaper avenues for quenching my makeup thirst and these Divo Makeup Brushes are just the right kind of fit – Affordable and Effective!
Divo Dual Ended Foundation / Concealer Brush Review
Although my Sigma Kabuki brush is my weapon of choice with foundation, sometimes i feel the need for a flatter brush- specially for foundations like the Body Shop Minerals Foundation -of which you only need a tiny bit! I have to say, i am in LOVE with my Divo Dual Ended Brush. 

Its one of the softest things to have grazed my face, it has the bristles well packed (tighter and harder for the concealer side, and just slightly looser for the foundation side) and it makes my foundation glide on, and reach those little crevices with total ease ! Yipppeee!!   The only downside is that after continued uses the bristles begin to fray and also that on the foundation side, i wish it were just slightly more   densely packed so it would not move around so much but  at this price i can totally deal!
Overall Verdict: 4/5 or A
Price: Rs 175/-
Will I Repurchase: Yes!

 Divo Blush Brush
Since i do own quite a few of those expensive pans of color , i need a brush to put all the expensive color on my face and in comes the Divo Blush Brush- it has nice soft bristles , though they could be a tad bit softer.It picks up color well and blends nicely- though my main problem with this is that its just not wide and fluffy enough. Blush brushes should be like lasa-apso’s (Its a dog breed for those non animal lovers)- a whole lot of fur and fluff ! This one is more like a squirrel – its furry, but not wide enough to be cute.

Overall Verdict :3/5 or B-
Price: Rs 150/-
Will I Repurchase: No

 Divo Paddle Hair Brush
I have a love-hate relationship with paddle brushes. I love them because they make my hair break MUCH lesser , when i want to blow dry my hair straight – they are the absolutely perfect tool for that as they eliminate frizz while blow drying and because they do add volume if i just run them through my hair. But at the same time they are not particularly suited for my wavy / curly hair type as they are so wide that they mess up all my curls. Still, for what its worth the Divo Paddle Hair Brush is one of the nicest Paddles iv come across. If my hair were straighter and less frizzier i would happily paddle myself to glory everyday with this brush. As of now i use it to detangle my waves at the lower end, and lightly rub it on the top of my head -its almost like a massage- unlike those poky little splinters from other brushes. I would say if you need volume in your hair then Divo Paddle is your best friend, you can see the volume it adds and it definitely does break my hair much lesser!
Overall Verdict :4/5 or A
Price Rs 475/-
Will I Repurchase: Yes

Final Thoughts: I love the dual ended foundation/ concealer brush and i would totally recommend that to everyone !! The blush brush can be given a miss in my opinion, and if you are a paddle brush user  or you want a brush to give you that sleek , straight blow dry then you will definitely like Divo’s version of it !!
                                                                                     -xoxo, Mehak

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