Do You Take Any Dietary Supplements Like Vitamin Tablets Etc?

by mehak on December 28, 2011

in Beauty Banter

Not a beauty question, but something that’s been on my mind. Some women i know take vitamin B complex etc tablets and they say it really is needed, because we dont derive enough nutrition from the food we eat anymore. Do any of you take such tablets? Are these safe? I just started on Biotin tablets because i have an acute hair loss problem , but i am a bit nervous about all these supplements. What do you think?

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chunchun September 5, 2012 at 8:04 am

I take amway daily ( THE NAME OF THE PRODUCT IS DAILY) which my mom ( doc) says is excellent!!


manisha August 14, 2013 at 5:09 pm

yes they help but you should opt for proper diet instead of engulfing tablets {seriously who loves to eat colorful tablets instead of yummmy food} as excessive use can lead to hypervitaminosis or vitamin toxicity amway has great results for their dietry supplement for hair skin and nails but they should be used for maximum 2 months and then continue with healthy indulgement of fruits ,green leafy vegetables , lots of water intake and some specific food like fish, walnuts, eggs, sweet potato, oysters, spinich, lentils, yogurt , blueberries and Poultry
hypervitaminosis A leads to enlargement of liver , peeling of skin , anorexia
hypervitaminosis D leads to weakness , polyuria , increased thirst and calcification of soft tissues
hypervitaminosis E leads to hemorrhage
hypervitaminosis C leads to diarrhoea and eventual iron overload
hypervitaminosis B6 leads to numbness , muscle weakness and nerve damage


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