Faces Glam on Range of Products: Photos, Information
Have you felt Silk lately? No , not Silk Smitha- though there is quite a lot of her to feel. Not even Cadbury Silk you chocolate addict. I’m talking about Faces Cosmetics’s new luxury line called Silk- which might be more familiar to all of you as the ‘Glam On’ Range of products. The team over at faces was nice enough to let me feel silk, and this is just a preview post of sorts- to show all of you what all is part of this exciting new range.

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 Thats what the lipsticklooks like. Im not showing you the shade cos i want it to be a surprise! Its quite different!!

Thats the faces glam on eyeshadow. Gorgeous color that- like a sheeny khaki green!

 A pretty eyeshadow duo called Smokey Eyes- not really smokey , but a pretty pastel blue paired with a cyan blue!

Guess what this is? If you guess right, you will be crowned the P & B guessing diva! No honey, thats not concealer. Thats cream blush ! Hmm..interesting (?) is all i can say!

 There is also a pretty peachy gold lip gloss , i couldn’t photograph that well enough but ill show you guys in a bit

A lot of indepth reviews on each will be coming up shortly. They call it a luxury line of products but the price range is pretty similar to Faces regular prices which is a big relief in this inflation ridden economy ( I am an economist okay, i use the word lipstick and inflation in the same sentence!). See anything which interests you?

Just read this on twitter: Dear Homework, You are unattractive. Therefore i cannot ‘do’ you. Lol, yes ill just replace homework with work.

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