“Check Testing Testing.  Mac Russian Red can you hear me? We are in a red lips emergency. Over. 
Need you here for operation Christmas .Over “
Dont ask me why but Russian Red just sounds like an Army Code name to me! And if MAC Lipsticks were to form an army one day, it would definitely be the Captain, as it is MAC’s most famous Red lipstick to date. Cool toned? Yes . Blue Based? Yup. But since its a true red, i feel it can work on any skintone! Question is: Can you handle it?

Makeup Break Down (Click the names below for reviews of the products)

Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation
Body Shop Cheek Tint (Visibly  in first pic)

Mac Russian Red Lipstick (to be reviewed)

Peachy Eyeshadow all over lid from Balm Shady Lady Palette Vol 2
Brown Eyeshadow in crease from Balm Shady Lady Palette Vol 2
False Lashes
Lakme 9 to 5 Liner 

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