Written by :Guest Blogger Tanvee

This  post is  dedicated to one of my must have beauty tools : MAKEUP BRUSHES!
I don’t like splurging too much on brushes, even though I feel I should but my pocket dont allow me to buy MAC or Sigma hence I stick to the desi one’s. Im not claming to be a know-it-all but sharing a few ideas, suggestions and advice with all those who’re wither new to beauty scenario or confused about what to buy and what not.

Here are 5 brushes that you MUST have for effortless makeup application.
Lets start with the EYE brushes.

1)      Flat Shader Brush : This brush works for packing on eyeshadow onto your eyelid area. It can also come handy for applying highlighter under your brow bone. This is what it looks like.

2)      Blending Brush : What after you pack on an eyeshadow? You blend it. If you no blend, you look bad. Very Bad.  Well, I’ll take that back, It makes your eyeshadow look bad. It shows poor makeup skills. I didn’t know these brushes existed until last year. They’re saviours If youre new to makeup! If you make a mistake by adding too much eyeshadow, you just BLEND it and the mistake is covered.


  A   Angular Fluffy Brush : What does it do? Well, it helps you to define the outer V of your eye. That way you can experiment with more than one eyeshadow and it is super easy to use as well. You just stick it where your eye ends and mark an inclined (upwards) line. It plays as a guide and you can start defining your Outer V from there. Great for creating edgy smokey eyes. Lets have a look at this big boy.

4)      Blush Brush : This one’s a necessity. You can never compromise on buying one. It not only acts as a blush brush but also a contouring brush. A blush is as important as salt in food. Okay maybe that didn’t make sense but you sure know how important is blush and the brush is triple times important. If used side ways it’ll help to sculpt your face and add dimension.

5)       Dual ended Foundation-Concealer Brush : For the perfect look you need a perfect base and to create one you need a foundation&concealer brush. Instead of buying tow different ones, Invest in dual ended brush. That way you save money and also save time by holding just one brush while applying your foundation and concealer. Lets not make our face look cakey and give the guys a chance to tell us bad things about makeup. Lets make our face look flawless with a foundation and concealer brush .

Which drugstore one’s to buy and from where?
Since MAC is too expensive and Sigma can be a hassle since its only ordered online. Here are Cheap alternatives :
Flat Shader Brush : Vega has two. One in the regular range which costs about 40 INR and the professional one that costs under 250 INR. QVS is another option- available at New U stores
Blending Brush : Vega professional range for only 275 INR.
Angular Fluffy Brush : Vega  professional range for  under 350 INR.
Blush Brush : You can either choose Vega’s, Divo or QVS . Vega regular one which costs about 140 INR or go for the professional brush which is under 350 I guess.
Duo Foundation & Concealer Brush : Faces, hands down. It costs 160 INR and works really good! I have been using one and it works great, Divo is another option.

About the Guest Blogger
Tanvee is a newbie beauty blogger on the block, who is another of us obsessed with makeup and beauty!!! I can tell she loves her bright lipsticks from her twitter display picture, but if you want to hear more from Tanvee then head to her blog http://www.makeupfriendly.blogspot.com/ ! Hope your blog flourishes from a new born to an adoloscent very soon !

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