There are a few things that are not always better , the longer  they last. Classroom lectures for one (If you are one of those kids who used to ask questions right before the bell rings, then please whack yourself on the head from my side). Another one of these is diet plans (there is only SO much time that you can do without chocolate) as well as Ram Gopal Verma Movies (Please, there is a limit to how much you can tolerate!). But when it comes to makeup, the philosophy is the same as with relationships- the longer they stay, the better it gets!

  • Lipstick: You can make any lipstick long stay. Apply it, blot it down on a tissue paper by pressing your lips down on it two to three times. Re-apply the lippstick, and blot it again on the tissue paper a couple of times. Finally apply the lipstick again  and apply lip liner. Watch your lipstick ‘last long very long’ just like those Emeron Battery adverts! This is a trick a reader of mine actually told me about- cant remember who now though- Thank you anonymous!

  • Kohl : One of the reasons for kohl to fade away is that your eyes secrete water naturally and this makes the waterline more moist. Put the cotton bud to good use and gently wipe it on your waterline(lower-inner rim of your eye where you put kohl) of  so its completely dry and moist-less devoid of moisture. Now apply your kohl, and seal  it by patting a black eyeshadow softly on the top. This is a trick i learnt from a youtube video- works like a charm!

  • Blush: Layer it ! Some people are of the opinion that cream and powder blushes should not be mixed, but really when i am out for weddings and all nighters like that – the best option is to use a cream blush at the bottom (or your favourite lipstick in a complementary color as a blush) and then apply powder on top. Sure, the powder takes away the dewyness, but it grabs on to the sticky cream blush and stays put. My current favourite cream blush+ powder blush combinations are Nxy Tea Rose+ Lakme Absolute Night Sheen, or Mac LadyBlush Cream Blush + Mac Dolly Mix Powder Blush. I also like using a Colorbar Nude Lipstick as a base and layering Mac Peaches over it!

  • Eyeshadows: You need an eyeshadow primer, it makes a world of difference, but if you dont have one handy then mix your concealer with some body butter(or any other thick sort of a greasy cream) and lightly tap it on your lids. Will do a decent job of making them last longer. People also suggest putting vaseline, and i can see it working in the sense that shadows can cling to it,  but it might end up creasing your shadows a lot !! So your call really!

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