Lakme Absolute Baked Eyeshadow  Swatches
Lakme Absolute Eyeshadow Duo’s are  a naughty lot. With a name like ‘Night desire’, you would think Lakme has ventured into the contraceptive market , not eyeshadows  ! What? It does sound like a contraceptive brand come on, even Night Flash is slightly shady, but i will let it pass!

Lakme Absolute Night Desire Eyeshdaow (*Cough*) contains a super shimmery silver and a stunning purple
Lakme Absolute Day Queen Eyeshadow  contains a light, pretty pista green and a deep Olive green with gold shimmer
Lakme Absolute Night Flash  Eyeshadow contains a pink and a silver

Lakme Absolute Night Desire Eyeshadow

Lakme Absolute Day Queen Eyeshadow

Initial Thoughts: I was not blown away by these, but they seemed miles better than the usual quads with better pigmentation. I thought the colors are lovely but they are REALLY shimmery and reflect a lot of light so they make me scared to wear em when i will be photographed. They seems slightly dry to touch, but i think they will work really well wet. I also wish one of the purple duo’s contained a gold instead of the silver, i would have bought it in a heartbeat. Day Queen is the most subtle of all the duo’s and both the colors really complement each other. Night Desire’s purple is a really really gorgeous one, and has one of the most pigmented shades in that silver.

Price: Rs 595/-

Are you picking these up ? I think i might pass on these!

*This is not a review, these are merely swatches!

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