Written by: Guest Writer Lapanika

Some people are active and hyper, while others love couches (Don’t all of us girls have our days .. monthly birthdays  I mean)  and hate to move around .So, when you need to rush out, after a crazy phone call , you have 15 minutes , to turn around your shabby self to a polished you …. Here are some tips:

If you are at work :
SITUATION: Business dinner, date night
1)      Removing your mascara and eye shadow (assuming, you already have it on) is a total waste of time. Use pre moistened tissues, where makeup seems to have faded away, reapply your foundation and blush. ( Estimated time 2 minutes )
2)      Instead of applying your eye shadow, liner and mascara for a smoky eye; try using a single metallic shimmery color all over lids, which would draw attention to your eyes and reflect light. ( Estimated time 1 minute)                                                      

3)      Just brush your hair lightly and either tie it in a bun, or a neat ponytail. If your hair is oily, you could dab some baby powder , but dust it evenly, so that it doesn’t look patchy. If you have like the awesome-st hair in the world, tease it with 10 strokes ( takes 1 min ), at the crown  and tie it into a side ponytail or a quick braid . ( Estimated time 3 minutes )
4)      Apply your favorite lipstick with a gloss ( Estimated time 1.5 minutes)
5)      If its late hours, and if you have extra time, you could do a quick highlight on your cheek bones ( it makes you look slimmer) ( Estimated time 2 minutes, considering you want to highlight temples , chin etc. ) Dust the shimmery eye shadow, for a quick highlight 
6)      Spray your favorite / available scent , step out and have fun ( Estimated time 3 minutes , including checking out yourself in the mirror J )

If you are home :
SITUATION: Shopping, Watching a movie, Lunch
  1.  Hygiene is crucial. Hop into the shower and while you’re having a bath, scrub your face (instantly perks up your face) and meanwhile brush your teeth, yes, lazy people, have to be good at multi- tasking. (Estimated time 5 mins )
  2.    Dry yourself and apply moisturizer on your face ( Estimated time 2 mins )
  3. Meanwhile style your hair and let the moisturizer soak in your skin ( Estimated time 1.5 min )
  4.   Pick your clothes and wear only what is necessary. Do not start wearing your watch, your               favorite bangles and clips. (Estimated time 1 min )
  5. Apply concealer or light foundation on blemishes , followed by a setting powder and blush / bronzer on your cheeks ( Estimated time 2 minutes )                    
  6. Apply mascara / liner and kajal ( Estimated time 1 min )
  7.  Grab the following things while on the go: Lipgloss/ lipstick, Compact powder for touch ups, favorite deodorant / scent. Carry your clip and accessories with you, so that you end up saving time. ( Estimated time 2 mins )

8) You can always take a last look in the mirrors of your car and do the finishing touches. Your friend (especially husbands and boyfriends) can always understand traffic issues … Geee ha haa!!                    

What are your tips, when you are in a hurry???? 

About the Guest Writer

Lapanika is a 27 year old Indian living in Minnesota. A girl who believed primer only meant something to be added to wall paints, she entered the big bad (and tempting ) makeup world of the USA with only a Lakme Kajal, a lipstick , and foundation. While her left brain helped her get a degree in Human Resources, her right brain was delving into the world of makeup !!! 

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