Mac Dark Diversion Fuidline Review & Swatches
Written by : Guest Writer Gunmeen

Every makeup junkie in this world has to have one favorite colour in their stash – be it anything – a lipstick, a liner, a blush or a shadow. It might not be your HG product but it has to be your favorite colour. For me it is my Mac Dark Diversion Fluidline. Its not my most loved item but the colour sure is. Mac fluidlines need no introduction. anyone who loves makeup has to love these gel liners. They are one of the best gel liners available in the market and of course they come at a price.
Dark Diversion is a limited edition fluidline which will be out in the MAC Me Over Collection. The minute I saw the official press release I knew I had to have this, not for the love which I have for this product per se but just for the colour. I love fluidlines ( I have blacktrack too because I really like fluidlines) but in this case it was the colour i was head over heels in love with. I went to three different mac stores before I finally laid my hands on it. Dark diversion has been described by Mac as “BLACKENED PLUM”.

 Its a vibrant burgundy brown eggplant/purple colour with micro shimmer which is not at all obvious. This comes in a transparent cute glass pot with “M.A.C” written across it and a screwed on black cap. The pot is sturdy, it wont break if you drop it accidentally trust me. The liner is creamy, very smooth in application (I find bobbi brown liners more creamier and smoother but thats my opinion). This one is pigmented, does not need to be layered for the colour to pop out. A single application is what you need to display this beauty on your eyes. 

One area where it scores over bobbi brown liners for ME is that they can be applied on waterline ( I personally dont apply BB on waterline because of the flecks but others can definitely do so) and do not irritate the eyes at all. I have gone a whole day with this on my waterline without any touch ups.It fades by the end of the day but it does not disappear completely. So thumbs up for this!!! It surely is a good deviation from conventional blacks and browns. The liner is smudge proof and water proof. it comes off easily with any makeup remover. And of course needless to say since it is MAC, the liner does not flake, feather or gets tranferred to the crease.This one dries fast so you have to be quick if you want to smudge it out. 

One last thing which is unique for this liner which I have noticed is that it particularly suits those with brown and green eyes. Somehow its not that flattering on black eyes in my opinion.It looks good on my black eyes but i would not say its eye catching. Since its a dark colour it might not show much on dark skinned beauties. I have mostly paired this colour, slightly smudged on upper lash line and waterline with pink and nude lipsticks

Mac Dark Diversion Fluidline

Mac Dark Diversion Fluidline Swatch

Overall Verdict : A
Price : approx Rs 1000

Overall recommendation: Its a pretty dark plum coloured liner which would really flatter fair skinned people particularly those with hazel and green eyes. Black eyed beauties might not find this too enticing. I wouldnt call it a ‘must have’ but because I love the colour so much its very close to my heart .If you love different and unique colours in your stash then this would fit the bill!   

About the Guest Writer
Gunmeen is a dental surgeon by profession and a beauty addict by passion. From what i have seen of her ,she definitely loves her MAC!!! She is always tempting me to spend more and more of my money on Bobbi Brown or MAC !

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