When beauty meets desserts, it  just really should not be allowed! Two things that we women cannot resist bought together can pretty much yield unsurpassable power and conquer the world (or the female part of the world anyway!). What am i talking about? Well i just read this news fresh out of the Oven on Vogue.

French Macaroon Maker Laduree (Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl’s favourite macaroon maker) is venturing into the beauty space by launching a color cosmetic line!!! Rumour has it the collection will include twenty blush shades(ooooh macaroon shaped blushesss!), a lipstick line (oooh candy cane shaped lipsticks) and a liquid foundation (ooohh in a jar of honey????) and will be launched first in Japan, then Europe , then USA. Yes they very conveniently ignored us lesser mortals in Asia.

But still im just as excited. Can you imagine the cuteness of it all??? I really wish they make their blushes macaroon shaped with names like ”Glazed Peach’ and “Hazelnut frosting” . Yippee!

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