Magnetic Nail Polish
Written by : Guest Blogger Kejal

Have you ever imagined what the future technology holds for beauty? Perhaps a cream that instantly rubs away your fine lines/dark circles. Just like how photoshop does to your pic?!! Or a foundation that automatically adjusts to your shade??!! Or nail polish that transforms into design on your nails with the help of a magnet??!! Well that’s already here. 

Just as crackle nail polish created a buzz sometime at the beginning of last year, the magnetic nail polish is currently trending in the Nail Art world. Who would have ever imagined that one could do nail art with “magnets”? If somebody told me this 2 years ago, I would have scoffed at the idea myself. And today here I am going gaga on the same. 

I came across this on my trip to Hong Kong. And immediately snapped up a few in various colours. The beauty of this is anyone can do it….even my mom. She eventually got tired of waiting around for me to do her nails and decided to take things in her own hand. Hehe. 

How to use: Apply one coat of this polish, hold the magnet immediately over your nails and see the colour shift into a pattern (oh you actually cant see coz you r holding the magnet over it….and if you can….means u r not holding it close enough!!) It dries in 5 mins flat and you are set to go. 

The polish contains tini-tiny bits of magnet that are draw together when you hold the magnetic strip over the polish. One needs to hold the magnet over it for around 20 secs when the polish is wet. 

This polish I am reviewing is a dark rich cherry red that turns in to dark maroon and pink shades once magnetized. The texture is rather creamy and smooth to apply. I would go to say it feels a bit thicker than your normal polishes but by no means does it become gloopy. And the beauty of this polish lies when I goof up with the magnet and take it way to close. I just polish over it again. It doesn’t become gloopy or streaky on doing a second coat. The only thing I don’t like about these is the price. And they don’t last long on their own but with regular application of top coat it lasts me 4 days easily. 


Price: I think I bought it for Rs. 700 approx with the magnet 

Final Recommendation: I’d buy it again for the sheer simplicity of the idea. I already bought another 4-5 shades of magnetic polishes since Its my “I didn’t have much time” nail art.

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