Marks & Spencer Vanilla Sugar Body Butter Review
Merry Christmas everyone! I can safely say its been a Christmas where Santa just laughed at me and said “HA! HA! HA!” instead of “Ho Ho Ho!” .Its not really been the best day for me- from getting stuck in 3 hour traffic jams , to reaching the wrong cinema hall for a movie, to booking the wrong show for DON 2.  . However, still keeping the Christmas spirit alive, i am surrounding myself with warm, cinnamon and vanilla scents. One of these is the gingerbread and Cinnamon cookies my sister baked (Yuummyyy!) , and another is the Marks & Spencer’s Vanilla Sugar Body Butter , which is an instant comforter after a tough day!

If you love skincare that smells good enough to eat – GO BUY THIS NOW! Marks & Spencers Vanilla Sugar Body Butter is  infused with that warm , comforting smell of vanilla, and that sweet homely smell of warm caramel icing. Its like my body butter just came fresh out of a hot, cake making oven which smells of the deliciousness of caramelised sugar and vanilla. Sigh.  God, please let me drown in this and stay there! It does smell very very sweet (those with a dislike to strong scents beware)- this isnt your subtle scent, its a full blown assault of sweet christmas scents , but once on the skin it smells more subtle and pleasant. Whats the best part- the scent lingers on your skin for ages, and if you are like me you will be surreptitiously nuzzling  your nose into your arm when no one is looking.(Come on,  i know you do that!) . In my signature style, the only way to describe this body butter is “YUMMMYYYYY!”

As a body butter, it does its job and more. Its an extremely thick, luscious kind of consistency. Its thicker than the Body Shop Body Butter , and kind of has the consistency of actual semi- frozen butter. It melts into your skin like it was made to do so and I can definitely feel the difference between between when i apply this versus when i dont. All my dry areas like my elbows and knees feel hydrated and soft !! It contains African Cocoa Butter as a nourishing ingredient, and  whether its African or Alaskan , Cocoa Butter always works its magic on me!I do have dry skin, which gets dry no matter what i apply, but this has worked pretty well for me so far. It does say you are not supposed to use it for the face, so i didnt try it there…

Vanilla Cheesecake anyone?
Haha ! Love the “This is not a food. Do not Swallow” Disclaimer at the back!!
     Overall Verdict: A+

Will I Repurchase: For sure!

Price: Rs 595/- for 200 ml and its a BIG tub!

Recommendation: If you love the warm, comforting smells of Vanilla , Caramel and all the sweet smells of Christmas- the Marks & Spencer Vanilla Sugar Body Butter wont dissapoint. Not only will that scent linger on your skin for a long time and soak it up, it will thoroughly nourish and moisturize it. Merry Christmas everyone!

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