Press Note: Today’s busy lifestyle and aggressive environment can lead to overworked and undernourished hair. What you need is a nourishing solution for your hair and scalp. Presenting Biolage Oilthérapie range from MATRIX, the leading professional hair care and color company from L’Oreal. It deeply nourishes and strengthens hair from root-to-tip. Infused with the goodness of natural oils, Oiltherapie works at the roots for strong,healthy looking and shiny hair.
Biolage Oilthérapie range is the first ever Professional Oil Spa from Biolage which includes multi use Root Nourishing oil, Nourishing Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. In addition they have launched 3 new in-salon OILSPA services. The range includes the following:
  •   In Salon Services – OILSPA (Intense Nourish, Nourish & Deep condition)
  • Retail – Root Nourishing Oil (It is also a part of In Salon Services), Nourishing Oil Shampoo and Nourishing Oil Conditioner
To give your hair the complete hair care regime with Oilthérapie treatment use
·         CARE with Biolage Oiltherapie Root Nourishing Oil (100 ml for Rs 125)
o   Professional triple blend of 3 natural oils –  almond, coconut  &  sunflower seed that nourishes scalp & hair
o    Enriches hair with root-to-tip  nourishment in 3 ways
o    Helps fight dandruff  with regular use
o    Pre shampoo treatment via oil  massage for nourishment  of scalp and hair
o    Leaves hair looking healthy and incredibly soft with a glossy shine
·         CLEANSE with Biolage Oiltherapie Nourishing Oil Shampoo (200 ml for Rs 190)
o   Enriched with 3 natural oils – almond, olive & coconut oil
o   Cleanses while it deeply nourishes hair
o   Enriches hair with root-to-tip nourishment in 3 ways
o   Leaves hair looking,  healthy and incredibly soft with a glossy shine.

·         CONDITION with Biolage Oiltherapie Nourishing Oil Conditioner (100 ml for Rs 155)
o   Enriched with apricot oil
o   Detangles as it conditions and deeply nourishes hair.
o   Leaves hair soft and healthy looking with a glossy shine
·         TREAT with Biolage Oiltherapie Oil Spa Crème (available exclusively as part of OILSPA rituals in Matrix Salons)
o   Multi-sensorial nourishing treatment
o    Enriched with apricot oil
o    Infuses hair with  softness , manageability  and shine
o    Use alone or blend with Biolage Root Nourishing Oil
o    Used in the new Biolage OILSPA in-salon services
So imagine all your hair can be and try the complete Biolage Oilthérapie treatment at a Matrix salon close to you or try some Oilthérapie treatment at home by picking up the entire range and experience the multi sensorial hair care system from Biolage designed exclusively to nourish and soften every strand of Indian hair.

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