Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask Fudge Sauna Review
If you can pronounce Montagne Jeunesse then CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!! You are only one in fifty thousand people to do so ! And because of this you win yourself a big bag full of  absolutely nothing!!! Okay you win yourself the title of being the  distinguished person who can pronounce wierd names correctly: You are now the Montagne Jeunesse Fudge Monster . I suggest you celebrate like this woman below! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Wheeeee !!!! I can pronounce Montagne Jeunesse .Im a fudge Monster ! Wheee!!!

Montagne Jeunesse Claims:
(Lets just call them MJ from now on okay, not to take the credit away from the late Micheal Jackson, but MJ is much easier for me to write rather than Montagne Jeunesse)
 ” Our hot fudge sauna gently warms open pores, drawing out dirt and grime”

My Experience
First of all, i love self heating masks. There is something uber relaxing about putting something on your face and it gently warming your skin. Specially at the temperature that delhi is at currently, its almost like a sweater for my face. A yummy, vanilla fudgy, caramel smelling sweater. Aaaah its quite pleasurable to slather this on and just let it be. The smell of vanilla fudge just overtakes your senses and calms you down.

Its a rather sticky mask which is somewhat annoying because bits of hair keep getting stuck on to ti. It has the consistency of a thick peel off mask, but its not really a peel off. Its not even those- drying up masks which you remove after they become like dried clay on your face. It’s simply one of those ‘apply- enjoy-wash’  kind of masks.The packet contains one rather generous helping , even for a wide and large face like mine i found some to be left behind. You can actually refridgerate this and re-use it if you want  to, but i doubt there is enough in there for two masks. Unless you have the face which is  the size of a small pita bread.

The mask did a nice job of heating up on my skin, and my skin felt clean and refreshed after i used it. It wasn’t a miracle worker, but my pores felt slightly more open and clean after i used the mask and slightly more even in tone. The effects are not long lasting  , and this is not one of those 15 seconds glow like a bulb products. Its more of a mask meant for your own pleasure, and one that does a decent job of cleansing without drying out the skin or leaving it extra tight, which most deep cleansing masks tend to do!

    Overall Verdict: B+  or (3.5/5)

Price : Rs 150 for one generous helping (If you have a tiny face then 2 helpings)

Will I Repurchase: I definitely want other MJ masks

Where to buy it :
Recommendation: I  like this mask, though i have to admit that might be more because of the pleasure factor rather than its effect ! It heats up on its own on your skin, smells of absolutely delicious vanilla fudge sauce and gently opens your pores. Its not a miracle worker,   and its not exactly cheap for just one use either, but it does a decent job as a cleansing mask and most importantly makes the process rather enjoyable and calming.. Really wish it weren’t so sticky, getting it out of the sachet is a pain!

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