A week ago, my facebook status read “I feel like iv turned into a giant cinnamon bun’ but the boy made me take it down. He said it was silly, and i was giving other guys wrong ideas :p . Well i cant help it if boys have one track minds, i was only talking about skincare! While summer skincare is all about fruity and fresh for me, in winter i like turning into a human cinnamon bun! All warm, chocolatey and soft ! Here are some of the things keeping my cosy this winter!

1. Beauty Formula Vanilla Sugar Body Wash
Price: Rs 185/-
Available at New U

My sole reason for purchasing this, was that it smells like warm, vanilla sugar inside a squeezey jar! I love drowning in this scent in the shower-it really does smell of fresh cinnamon buns with vanilla frosting! The body wash in itself is nice, but not great- sometimes i find its so silky and malleable that it keeps slipping off my hand and doesnt stay put. The strong  vanilla scent doesn’t obviously linger on the skin after the shower, but if you dig your nose into your arm (i do sometimes) you will get a whiff of vanilla sugar. Anyway, i still love using this because those two minutes in the shower when i open this up, i feel like im in a ‘ fresh out of the oven’ cupcake shop ! Mmmmm…yumm.

2.Cleansing , Scrubbing and Toning (Well, sort of !)

  •  Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser: Might seem counter intuitive that someone with dry skin is using an ‘oil free’ cleanser, but i feel like this is the only cleanser that really takes every bit of grime off my face and leaves me with a squeeky clean feeling. It does leave my face feeling slightly dry and tight but because  almost all other products in my routine moisturize my face,  i can skip on the cleanser being overly moisturizing. I really feel this is the only face wash that really Deep Cleans, though if you do have dry skin and you do not have an efficient moisturizing routine down yet, dont use this in isolation- it might dry out your skin further
  • Natures Co Coffee Face Scrub: Another paradise in a bottle that works as well as it smells heavenly. Made of only fresh coffee beans and coffee powder, not only is this a scrub that does its job, but it smells of rich, luscious cappucino and also moisturizes my skin leaving it feeling soft and pampered. Be careful though, im so addicted to how it smells that i randomly walk into my bathroom and open it up to smell it. Does that make my a scrub addict- help im snorting scrub!!
  • Liz Earle Instant Skin Boost Toner: Im not a regular toner user, i use the Liz Earle one occasionally because its light and fresh, it doesnt lave a sticky feeling on my face if i  just leave it on, and it does tighten pores slightly.

3. Forest Essentials Cold Pressed Sesame Oil: My Wonder Kid
I LOVE THIS STUFF! No seriously, i cannot imagine my skincare routine without it. Every night i use this to remove my makeup by putting a bit on a cotton pad. After that , before sleeping i take some amount on my finger tips and lightly massage it into my face and neck. It absorbs into my skin at lightening quick speed, and the next morning my face feels soft, moisturized but not greasy. I also use this very often in face packs- using this as a mixing medium, or in homemade scrubs where i need a moisturizing agent. Sesame oil is apparently supposed to be very good for skin – it contains Vitamin E, Vitamin B Complex , is a nourishing agent for skin cells and even is supposed to be  Anti Ageing !

  • Neutrogena Light Night Cream

Favourite night cream in winters hands down!!While usually i don’t need a night cream because my Sesame Oil does its job, when my skin feels extra dry i layer my neutrogena light night cream over my oil. Plus, when the oil was not in my life, it was Neutrogena Light Night that was making me have a good nights sleep and keeping it moisturized. Its one of my skin care must have’s and if you are someone with normal- dry skin i strongly recommend it. You can feel the softness in your face the next morning! If you are in your mid twenties, and haven’t started on anti ageing yet, then the best way to start IMO is to use sunblock everyday and use night cream everyday.

  • Ponds Active Moisture Moisturizer

 The new kid on the block- Ponds Active Moisture is my day cream and so far, im loving using it! Its moisturizing but not heavy or greasy, so i think it will work with a lot of skin textures.  In the mornings , my skin already feels moisturized because of the oil and night cream the night before, so in the morning somehting like Ponds Active Moisture is perfect- Nourishes and moisturizes my skin but doesn’t drown it in thick, rich emulsion. Love!

  • Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunblock

Best. Sunblock. Ever. 
For me there is a simple criteria of sunblocks- they should be like my body guards against the sun. I dont care about anything else. Neutrogena Dry touch is the kind of sunblock where i can just throw it on and then go and glare at the sun for a good three hours, and come back with no tan. (Okay i dont recommend you try that, but you get what i mean)

  • Garnier Body Cocoon Lotion

Iv been using Garnier Body Cocoon forever now, and i think im slightly addicted to its fresh, fruity smell- its gorgeous. Iv been wanting to switch up my lotion and try the Vaseline Cocoa Glow Lotion (the name has me drooling), but im really happy with Body Cocoon at the moment. It smells really nice, and does a good job of moisturizing my legs and arms and everything else in between!

  • Iraya Cocoa & Milk Fresh Face Masque

Approx Rs 150 /-  is what i paid!

Available in DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj- Delhi. I know it sells in Mumbai but not sure where.

    I call Iraya – The poor mans lush! But since, i use Iraya pretty frequently i have changed that to “The budget conscious girl’s lush’ . I really really like their fresh face masks- particularly their Cocoa and Milk Masque which smells good enough to eat – like Hot Chocolate but also is a very moisturizing mask for winters. Most other masks just tighten my face and leave it stretchy- but this one just glides on and leaves my face feeling luxurious, soft and pampered!

    My Skincare Routine (Starting from the Evening)
    • Return from Work: Wash face with Neutrogena Deep Clean Face Wash (Use Natures Co Scrub once in 4-5 days)
    • Remove eyeliner with Forest Essentials Sesame Oil
    • Check blog, respond to comments while eating food, talk to boy. 
    • Lightly massage Forest Essentials Sesame Oil onto face. If its been an extra rough day, use Neutrogena Light Night Cream on top. Or skip sesame oil sometimes, and use Neutrogena Light Night- its really mood dependent
    • Sleep
    • Wake up next morning and shower with my Vanilla Sugar Body Wash. 
    • Apply Garnier Body Cocoon Moisturizer and rub Coconut Oil on my elbows.
    • Apply Ponds Active Moisture Cream on my face, followed by Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunblock.
    • Go to Work!

    The face masks and toners come out on the weekends!

    PS: My beloved Ponds Tinted Mosturizer is also part of my routine, but in winters since i use Ponds Active Moisture which is richer than the TM , i skip it on good skin days. Only on days when i need a bit of coverage i use it instead of my Ponds Active Moisture Cream

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